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Need help in German

I need someone who is advanced in German and is willing to help me expand my vocabulary and helping me with grammar by chatting with me. Lots of patience since I am just getting started with German.

December 17, 2017



I can try. I know German very well, but my English is not so good. My native language is Russian.


There is a german learning discord group with many learners and natives to help eachother out. https://discordapp.com/invite/german here is the link to it.

Discord, if you didnt know already, is an app available for android, apple, and pc that offers services like messaging and calling. It is similar to skype in that sense but i prefer it because there are servers run by different communites like this one.

This particular server has multiple text and voice channels for different purposes you'll find what youre looking for if you go into the text channels called "learning" and "deutsch-only" and the voice channels "nur deutsch" and "practice room" but sometimes they all sit in casual and chatting in german. They sometimes also organise reading sessions and writing tasks that anyone can partake in if they wish.

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