"Acea carte este a mea."

Translation:That book is mine.

December 17, 2017



Acea carte = Cartea aceea

That book

December 17, 2017


Is that a typo?

December 21, 2017


No, if I've understood this correctly, for singular feminine nouns in the nominative-accusative, 'acea' is used in preposition and 'aceea' is used in postposition (with the noun it follows taking the definite article). 'aia' is the colloquial variant and is also used in postposition.

Therefore, 'acea carte', 'cartea aceea', and 'cartea aia' are all correct and mean the same thing - 'that book'.

August 20, 2018


What a strikingly unique feature of Romanian. May I ask where you found that, because I have not seen such a clear explanation of this?

December 23, 2018
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