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What kind of literature/youtube content do you recommend?

Hello, I am very close to reaching the end of the language tree (I have 22 rows left and I try to do 1/day) and I will definitely have it finished by February the second which was my original goal. I am going to a film festival in Germany by that time and the subtitles are going to be in German so I wanted to freshen up my German (it was taught in school, but I feel like I learned more with Duolingo than anything else) and I would like to practice a bit more before going to Germany so I got a manga in German which is very entertaining, but it is proving a little difficult.

My interests are mostly drawing/gaming/anime, but I would take anything that is entertaining, but in easy enough German that it's not too difficult to understand.

Thank you very much!

December 17, 2017



Thanks, I will check it out!


Youtube has a channel: Learn German with Jenny.
Multiple videos and a variety of playlists.


If you already have Netflix, you can actually change the language of most series on there (especially popular ones like Netflix originals), into German.

I find this useful, since I can watch things I enjoy, that I would have watched anyway, but improve my German by doing so


Guter Vorschlag, ich habe bei meinem kompletten PC die Sprache umgestellt und bald werde ich mein Handy umstellen :)


I found it helpful to read the foreign-language version of a book I already knew well in English. That way, I could focus on the language while not having to think about the story etc; and when I came across a word I didn't know, I often remembered the word from the English version.

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