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  5. Almost 20 day streak!


Almost 20 day streak!

So close!

December 17, 2017



It's a good feeling to have 'such a long' streak, but stay calm and don't get too fond of it - at some point you're going to loose it anyway, and depending on your personality you might take it more or less too seriously. But you shouldn't!!! I know people who lost their motivation to learn just because of that silly number being zero-ed, and that's not good. (Including myself, tbh :D. When I lost my first longer streak at about 40 days, I didn't come here on duolingo for more than a week. You shouldn't make the same mistake :))


The exact same thing happened to me! I was at maybe a 20 day streak on German, and was very excited, but I forgot to do it, and just stopping duolingo for maybe two weeks.


Yep I lose my streaks or they aren't counted, or are counted for the previous day. It's a motivational thing but I wouldn't invest much interest in streaks or the fluency meter


Early congrats on getting level 20, IsaiahAndNaruto! :-)


Very rapidly,you will see yourself 2000 days streaks.It is the wonderful duolingo !


Dude i once got a 51 DAY STREAK!! HA! BEAT THAT!!

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