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[POLL CLOSED] Typing on TinyCards decks?

Hi there.

For those who don't know, I have been making TinyCards decks for a while now. My decks currently alternate between allowing typing and not. However I dislike this inconsistency and have decided to standardize on this. That's why I'm asking YOU - whether you want typing on my TinyCards decks or not. Typing has its advantages and disadvantages, and I'm finding it difficult to decide which to use. That's why I'm gonna let you decide. Here's a link to a poll to vote on this:


I'm going to look at final votes at 7:30 PM EST. If you vote after that time, I won't know. Thanks for voting!

Edit: The poll is closed. No typing wins.

December 17, 2017



I usually don't use typing for language decks if the language has another alphabet, in case the user doesn't have or can't access a keyboard for the alphabet, but I usually use typing in all other cases. I find it extremely annoying to be practicing a deck where I can't type anything because I don't know how to get a keyboard for that language.


I agree with you, though I'm trying to help with the last part through a TinyCards deck, for iOS at least.

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