"How did the dog eat the computer?"

Translation:개가 컴퓨터를 어떻게 먹었어요?

December 17, 2017

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Is there a specific reason why 어떻게 has to be right before the verb for the sentence to be accepted?


(Super late for this, but in case someone is looking for answers) 어떻게 (from the verb 어떻다) here is an adverb, therefore it modifies the verb. Think of it like adjectives that modify nouns (e.g. 예쁜 꽃 - pretty flower)


One byte at a time, I suppose.


I think 개가 어떻게 컨퓨터를 먹었어요? should also be accepted as a correct answer...


I think you could be right in this case, but it's worth practicing placing adverbs (어떻게) immediately before the verb. There are other examples where this rule becomes important e.g. 다 (all), you can't say 다 음식 먹었어 like you would in English, because 다 is an adverb. You need to say 음식 다 먹었어.


Dogs do weird things these days.


Luckily. How else would they be able to eat my homework these days?

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