"Is a fish eye food?"

Translation:생선의 눈이 음식이에요?

December 17, 2017

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Is "생선" used more for food and "물고기" to refer to a live fish?


It's actually really good... Maldivians use it to make a dish called ގަރުދިޔަ which would be pronounced garudhiya.. If translated literally, it would mean salty soup. It's basically just some fish boiled in salty water with onions, panadan leaves and curry leaves used to add more flavours. They eat it with rice most of the time. If you want to try it, I say add some lemon to the rice to cancel out the fishy taste plus a Chili along with it is a great combination. If you ACTUALLY want to make it, just boil some fish(preferably skip jack tuna but any fish is fine..) in some salty water. Then when you see foam you collect the foam and dispose of that and then add some panadan leaves, curry leaves and onions to taste... (I like it... It's MY opinion) not everyone may like it (that boiled fish eye is my favourite part(if you boil it for long enough that it becomes a syrup, it would now be called ރިހާކުރު pronounced rihaakuru


Hometown cha cha cha anyone?

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