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What's happened to the slow audio function?

In the English to Spanish course on the android (Samsung Galaxy J3) the slow audio function is not working, I checked the French course and it is still working for the moment

I checked the laptop and I noticed the option was not even available there

Apologies if this discussion already exists, if there is one perhaps you might be able to leave a link on this discussion

Anyway, what's the story?

December 17, 2017



On my laptop, the slow audio function is not working on the German course when the content is spoken by the man.. But it still works fine when the woman is speaking.


The slow speech button stopped working but I assumed it was associated with my level i.e, adding greater challenge.


nope german has been doing it with the male voice for some time and hes sounds drunk yet the woman is fine as always.

Seriously duolingo is going downhill and i have been here for YEARS.


That is an interesting thought. I recently moved up to level 20 and that is when I started noticing this problem. I just assumed it was an issue with the website.


On the iphone I notice that the bigger courses like French and Italian still have the slow speech button, but not the Irish, Greek, Hebrew courses, for example.


My AppleMac has the same English-Spanish problem: no SLOW voice with the NEW male voice and the audio is of a lesser quality – female voice is still OK.


English to Spanish on a Linux desktop with the same problem. Male voice is garbled and no way to slow it down, no way to access comments.

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