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What is the difference between Obst and Fruchte?

December 18, 2017



Es tut mir leid, I forgot I could search through the discussions


Obst is a mass noun or collective noun. Similar to English "fruit" as in "The children are eating fruit". (An unspecified quantity of the "substance" "fruit")

Früchte is the plural of the countable noun Frucht. Similar to English "fruits" as in "There were three fruits on the table".

In general, use Obst unless you want to emphasise that there were several individual fruits.

Another difference: if you cut one apple into twelve slices and divide them among three children, then they are all eating Obst (fruit) but they are not eating Früchte (fruits) because there are not multiple fruits -- there's just one apple which now exists in slices.


Wir essen Obst, aber trinken Fruchtsaft ;)


Hello, exactly there is no general difference in German: both is accepted by Duo when you have to translate sentences : ...fruit = Früchte. = Obst . An orange is a fruit. = eine Orange ist eine Frucht There is a basket with fruit= da ist ein Korb mit Obst. =. Da ist ein Korb mit Früchten In German: Obst besteht aus einzelnen Früchten

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