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Two year streak!

Oh it could of been. ;) two full consecutive day streak but it's ruined. On purpose by me! :) I used to get pretty frustrated trying to maintain my long streak, and it was a challenge because I'm not always able to connect to wi-fi. Then I had a thought. What if for a challenge I ended it anyway? After 600+ day streak I "let it go" :) took a break from duolingo altogether for 30 days. I would like to say that it was a good thing, for me. Not for all, of course. Just my story. I had finished my French tree, all golden. Reset that too once I came back after the 30 day break. For me it's been a great help o believe. I have stopped worrying about the streak and focused a lot more on slowly getting down through the tree again. Only moving on when I feel I'm comfortable with what I've learned up to then. And I am enjoying my new streak no doubt. Trying to surpass my highest number this time. A neat challenge. Just some of my experience, maybe an idea to help another.

Anyway. Bonne chance, mes Amis.

A plus tard. Chris.

December 18, 2017



Great story, very boss. I'm at my longest streak right now. It's nothing compared to two years, lol. But I'm proud of it. I see some streaks and I get anxious just thinking about it. I'm gonna shoot for 100 days and then just miss a day but I dont think i could stay away from French for entire month either. This is an awesome way to challenge yourself. Merci d'avoir partage


WOW! That's a amazing story! My longest streak is 5 days and you were aiming for 2 years! You have shown the life value of resilience and ambition when you were trying to do that even though your Wi-Fi kept going down. Well done! And like NewlyWardell, I am going to say thank you for sharing! BTW ( by the way ) I am going to give you 5 lingots for that.

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