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What is the highest level duolingo fluency bar goes to?

I’m curious what’s the highest number the duolingo fluency number goes up to (yes I know you don’t get fluent with duolingo)

I was doing the reverse tree in English for French speakers. I completed it but all skills were at 1/5 except 8. I still have 34% though (three on top and five at the very bottom, so it’s not the biggest ones or anything.

What’s the highest you’ve personally got, and was it with a fully complete gold tree?

December 18, 2017



I've seen multiple users reporting 70%+, but never as high as 80%. My own trees do not appear all to follow the same system; some seem much more generous than others. All in all, the fluency rating is essentially meaningless, as many people have said many times, so I don't suggest you take it too seriously.


One time I got to 12% fluent in Portuguese, and just by doing the same skill (the first one) for an hour.


I am doing the tree English for French speakers (the reverse tree), it is at 72% and has been at that level for quite some time. ( I am a native English speaker).

My tree is not complete, I still have a bit to do


At present I've got 77% doing English for Italians as the reverse tree. I did it at full speed at almost no time and perhaps that's why it is so high. When I did Italian from English, which took me around 200 days to complete, and I still keep practicing it, my result is around 66% even though I have collected here almost double quantity of xp's compared to the English for Italians course. Interesting, isn't it?


It's funny - I'm already 53-54% fluent in German even though I'm maybe halfway(?) through the tree and I only started it a couple of months ago. I've been teetering between 53 and 54 percent the whole last week.

Spanish, OTOH, which I took many lessons of in my school years including college only has me at 61%.even though I've completed that tree.

If I had to rate myself - and this would only be a guess - I'd say I'm 10% fluent in German and maybe 70% fluent in Spanish. I would rate myself higher in Spanish if I didn't struggle to actually say what I want to most of the time. I feel somewhat limited in what I'm actually capable of saying.

To really jump from 70% to 100% (or at least 90-95%) probably requires actual immersion in conversation - like talking only in that language for at least a few hours a day.

I sometimes wonder how common bad grammar is in foreign countries. Many native English speakers make grammar mistakes and they're still understood.

Just because I am guessing most of the time I try to figure out a dative ending in German does that mean I won't be understood? Probably not, but it seems so complicated that I wonder if native German speakers still get it wrong.

Der, das, die? I dunno, pick one at random - I've got a 1/3 chance of being right. Things are way more complicated than that though.


I have two trees completed and gilded. My highest gold English tree: 77%. My highest gold German tree: 67%. Both trees are currently 1% less than highest.


(Same for German, and 68% on iOS app.)

[deactivated user]

    Right now on my completed and golden spanish tree I have 63%.


    I got to 51% in Italian and I’m about halfway through the tree.


    My German for English speakers tree capped at 70 (but maybe I could have squeezed another couple of percent out if I redid all the levels even though they were all gold at the time). That's consistent with what I've heard other users say they've reached for the German for English speakers course.

    Each course has a different maximum, since they have different numbers of words. I've heard above 70 for other languages, but never anyone reaching 80


    I remember it used to go around 65% a while back, but now I have 69%. I haven't been able to get 70% yet, and I'm not sure if it gets that high, but it will be cool to see it one day!


    My highest is 76% on my reverse German tree.


    The fluency meter only judges words you have all ready done. It goes on the percentage of how well you spoke, spelled and used them. As you progress more words are added making your meter percentage drop. You can see your words and the strength in each, by clicking your word tab. You won't see it go much farther than 60 to 70%. Until you have at least 20,000 to 25,000 that is around the point your vocabulary will start to get complete for the course. But even then you have to keep the strength up for all words. But if you looking to get it to 100% that takes a massive amount of xp and perfection. Which giving tech error every now and then and then the obvious of not all ways being perfect. This is near impossible. But don't worry about that. Because true fluency can only be judged by interacting with real people in real face to face life. Bonne Chance :)


    I progressed pretty quickly (in about three months) through the French-from-Italian tree and the fluency percentage had been rising significantly. Now, I have completed the tree and and am just revising to get everything gold, and I noticed that the rate at which the percentage goes up has slowed down significantly around 65%. Now it's flickering between 68-69%, and I expect to get at least 70% when I have regilded everything. But you can't really rely too much on this number.


    Not taking potential changes into account, the % seems to be very negligible. It doesn't seem to really try to estimate your true level but rather to be a representation of how much attention you give to a tree along with some rather synthetic rules depending on your learning routine.

    When I did mobile only, the % would grow extremely slowly, to easily get "stuck" in the lower ranges like 15-25 (without repetitions). When doing web only the % would go to about 25-40 (without repetitions). While I now mostly do 1 new skill + ~2 timed practice repetitions (more when failing before the end) and it makes the % grow very quickly to easily reach 40+. The 2 courses I have done daily lately have relatively high percentages: Italian and German are both at 53%. I'm halfway through those trees and have less than half of the skills golden (Italian: 13 gold, 21 not - German: 26 gold, 31 not).

    If I'd be doing the same routine mobile only, the % would likely still be below 30. Duolingo might consider my current routine more efficient, but the % difference is absurdly high.


    Upon finishing the English from Russian tree, my meter was at 74%.

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