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New Years Language Resolutions!

Did you achieve your new years resolutions? And what are your resolutions for next year?

This year's resolutions have kind of been... all over the place and if you're close to me, you'll know why. This year has been a hectic year especially emotionally. I did manage to get some Irish and Spanish done, and I still have the hiragana alphabet in my head ;)

Because of what has happened this year, next year's resolutions are more about me and my personal development. That being said, I still want to finish a tree. Probably Irish because I'm already 1/4 of the way there.

December 18, 2017



There's really no point in me making a new year's resolution, since I never stick with them ever...


Mine's simple, complete spanish tree before the new year. Two weeks left.

The upcoming year I want to be able to converse with native spanish speakers at around a B1 level with close to B2 by the end of the year. I need to seriously increase my study time to do this next year spending a few months in south america taking immersion classes. When i get back from that going to continually do language exchanges on skype or pay for a tutor via skype. Three-Four year goal is C1.

Oh and get my 6 pack abs back, should not be an issue.


I can't remember any of my resolutions, so I think I can say I didn't achieve any of them. In 2018 I want to finish the Spanish and Japanese trees, get another 100 day streak, and finish the Japanese memrise course.


Good job Annie! Honestly I had no resolution this year but I want to complete German at the end of this year along with English, I know its difficult but I would try to give my best. For the next year I would go for Portuguese, Spanish and complete my French tree. :)


Oh boy--there are a LOT of goals of mine to reach in 2018:

  • Keep my streak the entire year
  • Finish my Dutch tree
  • Start and finish the Swedish tree
  • Start and finish the Esperanto tree
  • Start the Romanian tree
  • Get at least 100 XP every day for the whole year
  • Possibly start German or French

That's about it really--and I didn't have anything from last year, since I only started Duolingo in October or November. :)


Over Christmas, I plan on going to level 14 in German, level 10 in Portuguese, and really brush up on Spanish, probably level 9. By March/April, I plan on starting the reverse tree in German, and finishing up the Portuguese and Spanish trees. I also want to start Dutch and Swahili, along with reading German and Portuguese novels.


Ambitious! Good luck!


Don't know anything about your personal life but I hope you'll manage to finish a tree (and keep practicing it even after you did).


i want to finish German


I'm planning on finishing Spanish over Christmas break and possibly Esperanto too. Then Irish will be next.


I don't remember what my resolution was, but I completed the French to English and the English to French trees. Plus I got level 25 in my French to English tree and got a 1,000+ day streak, so I'm happy!

For next year, I hope to do level 25 in my English to French tree and complete my Spanish tree.

I wish you all the best in your language-based resolutions! :-)


I want to start playing my Japanese Pokémon game (which requires learning a lot of Japanese)...

Best of luck with your resolutions! Hope 2018 is a great year for you :)


I would love to finish the Italian tree next year and possibly complete the Spanish tree!

Through both those trees though I would love to be able to create and maintain conversation in Italian besides saying simple phrases and statements.


My New Year’s language resolutions are:

  • to finish at least four trees
  • to reach level 25 in a language
  • to keep my streak for the entire year
  • to become fluent in a language

I might not meet them, but I’ll try!


I don't really bother with New Years Resolutions per se but I hope to finish the French tree (and the stories now!) and then start something else. Maybe German. Might do Spanish or Portuguese instead but I'd kind of like to do something I've never done before at all, not really feeling More Romance Languages. But it's going to be a while so maybe I'll feel different when I'm done French.

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