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Duolingo work/practice sheets

It would be great if Duolingo had work/practice sheets for specific stages of your learning that you could printout. I have had a look online for some basic Swedish worksheets but all have phrases/words i haven't learnt or are too complex for the stage i am at, which makes it difficult. i just think that it would be really helpful to be able to write out and translate words and sentences, all of which you know as Duolingo keeps track of your progress.

But it's okay, i'll just make do with what i find online or make myself some :)

UPDATE i have just discovered Tinycards-Flashcards by Duolingo, which i think will be great fun and help with my Swedish practice in a new way! I'm excited to try it out, it's a great idea :)

December 18, 2017



Why don't you make your own worksheets? You'll only need to copy and paste your preferred sentences and voilà!


Yes, i think i will just make up some sentences and have a look online :)


I agree! If we can have this, it will be awesome!


I second this. That way, if I’m ever out of data or my phone dies, I can still have something to work with.


This was one of my thoughts too, it would be great to have a way to practice when there is no wifi or way to use Duolingo.

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