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I'm confused about the possessive form of "armure"

I'm very far from fluent in french, and to practice I sometimes watch translated versions of songs/shows that i like. Recently I watched this -https://youtu.be/_thMtWX_Vns?t=2m23s - and I can't understand why, around the 2:23 mark, he says "ton armure" when armure is definitely a feminine noun.

I checked on different sites and they all agree that the male possessive form ton/mon/son is the accepted possessive form for armure. I thought the gender of the possessive form was defined by the gender of the object? Is there something I'm not understanding, or is this a unique case? Thanks in advance!

December 18, 2017



EXCEPT if the word begins with a vowel, then we replace ma by mon.

Une armure, mon armure, son armure, ton armure

Une orange, mon orange

Une abeille, mon abeille

Une usine, mon usine

etc... to avoid the proximity of two vowels

ta automobile is wrong, ton automobile is right

sa épaule is wrong, son épaule is right


I see, thanks a bunch! :-)


To add to the previous answer, it's probably like this due to speaking.

Ma armure wouldn't be smooth as you would repeat the same vowel.

With mon, you have the liaison, "mon narmure", it's smooth.


I'm French and I learnt something today!


I don't know if this is true or not, but I think I read in another discussion that users of the Duolingo app on mobile phones are not able to see the "Tips and Notes" for each skill. I did the Possession skill just yesterday on the DL website, and the concept of "Euphony in Possessives" is explained quite clearly in the Tips and Notes for Possession, as Prenom Pierre has helpfully confirmed. See https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Possessives

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