Fun time!

Hello everyone! I would like to know what you think is special about your language and country, if you come from more than one country or speak more than one language, feel free to do more than one. Lets start!

December 18, 2017


I am a native Armenian speaker. Armenian language is spoken by around 10 million people worldwide and has two main branches Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian, but this is not what makes it really special. Armenian language has a really unique alphabet which differs from any other alphabets. Armenian language belongs to indo-European language family but doesnt have any relative language. A lot of people ask me "which language is the most similar to Armenian?", this is really a hard question to answer simply because of the reason i mentioned above but still e have many loan words from other languages but thats all.

December 18, 2017

American, English is a mess of a language yet its large vocabulary and flexibility lends to some great nuance.

USA system of Government changed the course of history for average people for the first time. Governments had always been and in many cases still are formed for the benefit of the few people forming it. The founders of the U.S.A created a system as best they could that was truly for the people by the people. Every nation that has adopted at least in part the form of limited Government and personal freedom the U.S.A created has seen amazing positive transformations. We see the wealth, power, high standard of living and freedoms the west has enjoyed by adopting these beliefs. Sadly we are forgetting in our comfortable easy lives what got us here, the trend is again turning to the dark ages of the past unchecked governments oppressing the people is making a comeback in Europe and other nations.

December 19, 2017

My country is the USofA, the language is English.

Well, the backbone of the language is English but it has been augmented by words and usage from almost every country, language or whatever.

Our spelling is a mess, our structure and pronunciations are random and oblique.

We welcome new words, new ideas and, even more important, new foods. We have restaurants that provide the best and worst of every cuisine known to man.

As well as every idea in art, music, science.

It's here and you can find it.

Walk through a store, any kind of store, and you will hardly find a product that hasn't been discovered, created, improved by people in the USA.

And often by people whose parents don't speak English as their first language.

The worlds melting pot. Yay.

December 18, 2017
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