"Mambo rahisi"

Translation:Simple things

December 18, 2017

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"Issues" is one of a fairly large group of synonyms which may be used for translating both "mashauri" and "mambo". Duolingo needs our input to build up its bank of acceptable alternatives. DL is good about responding. I like the stimulating element of mutuality in building up and updating their courses.


The mouseover said "Mambo" could be translated as "Issues/Matters." I typed "Simple matters" but this was marked as incorrect. Why would the mouseover give an incorrect hint? May 12, 2020.


When using the DL dictionary and typing in "mambo" the only translation shown is "Hello". Might be worth a thought to change that if it is a common use of the word "mambo".


wasn't issues mashauri?


That was my thought too!


In which context would one use this sentence?


It's not a sentence, but a 2-word phrase which may be used in several different contexts. Swahili isn't my mother tongue, but I grew up in Tanzania. I think I have a sense for the expression. I write more on this below...

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    If we're helping to build this then the end-user shouldn't be paying


    It should be possible to translate this as "cheap things" too, right?


    It gives matters as a translation, then it's wrong and only issues is acceptable.

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