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[Change-/Feature request]: Add max. global streak badget and show indiv. course streaks on website

Hi all,

this thread talks about getting "rid of streaks": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25585948

Memrise removed the max. "streak badget" (highest streak across single courses) on their web portal a few months ago: All motivation is gone; lot's of complains.

I say: Let it be how it is right now, but let's improve what is hidden or is simply not (yet) there.

These are my both change/feature requests for the year 2018 to the DuoLingo staff

  • 1) Add a max. streak badget, if your global streak resets to 0 (already requested, but AFAIK no feedback from staff)
    -> Please feel free to link those created older threads if you know / follow them!

  • Memrise even does NOT have a global daily streak across ALL languages, adding your course streak for reviews for completed courses

  • The Memrise web dashboard deactivates the daily goal and course streak view* for completed** courses on their webpage: Another demotivation booster for reviews.
    Thankfully DuoLingo does NOT do this for completed trees or strengthen exercises: XP are counted well and add to your streaks(s)! Well done!!!

  • 2) Improvement (Request): DuoLingo should show the "individual course streaks" - which are there according to your "extended user profile" and (old, Python portal compatible) user script DuoTweak - on their web portal for each course/tree WITHOUT the needs of any additional or (Scala non-compatible portal) user scripts.

  • I do not (only) want to see the "individual course streaks" on my user profile (like "DuoTweak" shows it) but on the course "home" page at a central, very well visible, place.

  • I want to see each day, for what forward (e.g EN-PT) or reverse courses (e.g PT-DE, PT-EN) I have already completed my daily mission (coach goal).

Please help up-voting.

Viele Grüße / Best regards


December 18, 2017

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I emphatically agree on the last point: it would be extremely helpful to easily see which languages I have worked on each day. I use schools.duolingo.com for that now, but it seems like a status-indicator of that kind on the Duolingo homepage (or within one click of the homepage) would be very useful to most users who study more than one language. I think it might also help DL data collection - since schools isn't really meant for personal tracking, those of us who use it for that are biasing the data about the use by teachers with real classes.

The other ideas are also very good.

(I have never encountered the word "badget" before - I assume it is a small badge icon or indicator)

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