Save states

I have a suggestion my computer often crashes in the middle of a lesson forcing me to reboot it and having to do it all over again maybe you can add a feature that lets me continue from point where i had to reboot

December 18, 2017


I had suggested this already to the DuoLingo staff/developers about saving the "session / state store" myself (from a programmer stand point).

I had not received any feedback in my thread....nor any deadlines if they maybe would implement it.

Instead they left it untouched.

"Sentence discussions" now load in a new browser window so user profile and external HTTP URL clicking does not effect the current learning/strengthen session.

I would not expect that we will see massive code improvements like this in 2018/2019 :(

.... my computer often crashes in the middle of a lesson .......


  1. Check your own internet

  2. Check

  3. Freezing is a well-known behaviour of Duolingo in outdated browsers (like Internet Explorer) and outdated versions of Operating systems.
    Duolingo prefers the most recent version of the Google Chrome browser.
    Personally, I prefer the Firefox browser.

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