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"In the morning and in the afternoon?"

Translation:Ráno a odpoledne?

December 18, 2017



Is "in the" always implied before "morning", if one says "Rano"? How would one use it as a noun in itself, eg to say "Mornings are awful", or similar? Thanks


It depends on context a lot. Technically "rano a odpoledne" could mean "a morning and an afternoon" but it really never occurred to me till you asked. It kind of defaults to an adverb.

Mornings are awful = Rána jsou hrozná.

for one bad morning it would be Ráno je hrozné.


How about “V raně a v odpoledne”?


But why explicitly use the English? "In the morning and in the afternoon?" Why not, "Morning or afternoon?" This section is for greetings, so it's generally sort of weird. :-)


Did you mean "Morning and afternoon" ?


I was hoping: "Dopoledne a odpoledne."


"Dopoledne" is used for 10-12am.


Is that not considered to be part of the morning? I know that "Rána" was mentioned to be used up until 9am, but in English "morning" is anything before noon. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24321225

I had the multiple choice and they put "víkend" between "Dopoledne" and "odpoledne", so I knew that couldn't be right.

  • ráno - I would say it´s time until 10am
  • dopoledne - time until noon (preposition "do" "poledne")
  • poledne - noon
  • odpoledne - time after noon (preposition "od" "poledne")
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