"Did he try?"

Translation:Il a essayé ?

December 18, 2017

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what's wrong with: "est ce qu'il essayait"? Or is this something a French person would never say in this way?


Est-ce qu'il essayait ? = Was he trying?

"Essayait" is in the imparfait tense which is used for actions that are incomplete, ongoing, or descriptive. "Did he try" suggests a completed attempt at something so the more appropriate tense is the passé composé.


How could I have compose the sentence with the options given for "Did" a fait, ai fait, ont fait, and "try" tournerais, tournerait, goûturez? Thank you.


To Nikki & Custom,

"Did" is not translated at all. In English, it's a dummy word used to compose certain verb forms. (Usually question, negation, emphatical, etc.)

French never does this. The auxiliary verbs will only be avoir or être.

In this sentence it's avoir:

Il a essayé ? > He has tried? OR He tried? OR Did he try?


Why was the correct answer not any of the suggestions made by DL? I find it really frustrating when it does this it doesn't help me understand! It said a fait for 'did' but then all the suggestions for 'try' where not any of the words on offer.


Please report this problem when it happens. Click the little flag icon in the lesson. It happens sometimes that words are missing hints or there are problems with sentences. It's been fixed now. Thank you.


The dictionary hints are useless.


Yep, I don't use it.


Is "a-t-il essaye" not correct also?


"A-t-il essayé" is correct. Don't forget the accent! (Though Duolingo will usually count it as correct, but make a comment to pay attention to the accent.)

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