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Looking for Duolinguists in Western Central Massachusetts learning French to meetup.

Living in Exurban Massachusetts and looking for people to meetup with to help progress French.

Duolingo has me at 55% French fluency.

December 18, 2017



Check meetup.com, search for a French group near you. (I see there are more than one.)


It is my pleasure my friend .My current french fluency is 59%.I am much enthusiastic for that. Vous avez un niveau supérieur en français et c'est un honneur pour moi. J'ai des activités en français avec youtube et c'est un plaisir de discuter avec vous.


You can try to open an event group, becoming the host. I am the host for the German Boston group. In reality I wanted to be the host for Framingham and it did not work. Are you in Worcester area?

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