Android Emulator (Linux)

I am looking to try the Duolingo Andoid App on a spare Linux laptop that I have. Not being that knowledgeable on Android and/or Linux, I am hoping for some recommendations for an Android Emulator which would run on the Mint 17.3 Distro of Linux.

December 18, 2017


I think BlueStacks will work

December 18, 2017

BlueStacks defo work

December 18, 2017

Thanks everyone. I’ll give BlueStacks a go.

December 19, 2017

A chrome browser together with an extension like.ARC Welder or ARCon, is enough to run android apps (an android emulator isn't necessary) - not all apps work in it though and it's not very user friendly.

December 20, 2017

Apr 4, 2018.

ARC Welder - Runs great, only available for x64 machines ARChon V2.1b - x64 version runs great, x86 version doesn't work ArChon V1.2 - x64 version doesn't work. x86 version is very slow, but it works

On all cases WebGL must be enabled (Chrome->Settings->Use hardware acceleration).

April 4, 2018

Hi Peter,

Have you tried Anbox or Genymotion, AndroVM, AndyOS, Jar of Beans, etc.?

HOWTO emulate: Use "tapping" or "Clubs" (Android app) on your PC:

Some emulators are based on VirtualBox!

Sorry, have not tested Android emulators on Linux :(

You may want to do a search on "Android Linux emulators" or check some Windows emulators for Linux-availibility here:

Some Android emulators seem to be available for Linux...but trust me:

It will take you days if you run into any of my own testing CPU (Hardware Virtualization) and GPU (OpenGL 2.0 drivers) problems ;)

Your CPU definitely MUST be 64bit and has support for "Hardware Virtualization" (VT-x).
Disabling those features in VirtualBox does NOT help, if the Android image / emulator is directly based on 2+ cores and configured for multi-processing.
Funny to say, I came across a blog where some people wrote that Bluestack's emulation before was proprietary and is nowadays also based on VirtualBox (you may want to do a more detail research).

December 19, 2017
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