Clubs for Desktop

Following on from my previous post about this I concluded that there isn’t actually clubs on the website.

If we could add clubs to the website then it would make this a lot more accessible, also making the app and the website sync better would also help.

Hopefully the developers see this and they could make these changes.

Thank you!

12/18/2017, 6:31:09 PM


Nice post. I agree with you we need clubs on the website

12/18/2017, 6:50:11 PM
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I've made many posts about the website and app being synced better. I really want clubs available on the website so much. It would be a lot easier for me to access since i use the website more than i use my phone.

12/18/2017, 7:08:43 PM

I would really love to have clubs on the web because my friends all use the app and we can't because i use the web!

12/18/2017, 8:49:01 PM

Are emulators (ex. android emulators like bluestacks) a possibility?

12/19/2017, 4:26:25 PM

Surely it would be a lot easier to just implement it into the website

12/19/2017, 4:56:00 PM

(Link to my previous post) -

12/18/2017, 6:34:28 PM

I fully agree! That would be great.

12/18/2017, 6:52:09 PM

i also agree :')

12/18/2017, 7:27:26 PM

I agree with you !!

12/19/2017, 1:26:11 PM

Also agree since I basically 90% on my desktop. Would be great!

12/28/2017, 7:32:08 PM

I totally agree with you, we all need clubs on desktops

3/2/2019, 10:06:10 AM

No mods in here? Totally agree by the way.

3/13/2019, 4:35:57 AM
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