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"The boys played on the beach in their swimsuits."

Translation:De jongens hebben op het strand gespeeld in hun zwembroeken.

9 months ago



Is "zwemkleding" the same as zwembroeken or zwempakken? I used "zwemkleding" and was marked wrong. I guess it's the difference between swim clothes, swim pants or swim suit, but don't they all kind of mean the same thing?

9 months ago

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A zwembroek is similar to swimming trunks worn by boys/men, and a zwempak is similar to a one-piece swimsuit worn by girls/women, or those swimsuits that cover the legs as well which Olympic swimmers wear nowadays. Bikinis are also known in Dutch, and maybe tankinis. I looked up zwemkleding in the Van Dale online Dutch dictionary, and it did not recognize that word, oddly enough.

9 months ago


Im confused why it is zwembroeken when broek always remains singular - it doesnt become broeken does it?

8 months ago

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I think it is plural when you're talking about multiple pairs of pants (or swimming trunks). "Er zijn geen schone broeken in de kast."

4 months ago

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Eén jongen heeft een zwembroek. Vijf jongens hebben zwembroeken. Elk van de jongens heeft een zwembroek. Alle jongens hebben zwembroeken.

2 months ago