"the teacher"

Translation:yr athro

December 18, 2017



Why is it yr and not y

December 18, 2017


This is explained in detail in the notes for the section ‘The’. In short:

  • ’r is used following a vowel.
  • yr is used before a vowel or h-.
  • y is used otherwise.
December 18, 2017


Thanks for the brief explanation. I can't seem to access the notes on my Android app. If there is a way, please let me know?

August 13, 2018


The notes may not be available in the mobile apps themselves; your best bet is probably to visit the Duolingo website https://www.duolingo.com/ with a browser.

After selecting a unit, click on the light bulb icon to see the tips and notes for that unit:

August 13, 2018


Aha, thank you, been trying to find the notes for about 2 weeks. Tried searching the website with no success of explanation. Thank you for explaining!

September 23, 2018
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