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The Endangered Languages Project

I thought I would share this project: http://www.endangeredlanguages.com/

"Languages are entities that are alive and in constant flux, and their extinction is not new; however, the pace at which languages are disappearing today has no precedent and is alarming. Over 40 percent of the world’s approximate 7,000 languages are at risk of disappearing."

So feel free to share this project with family and friends. Languages hold much of human history, ways to express who we are. As they put it,

"With every language that dies we lose an enormous cultural heritage; the understanding of how humans relate to the world around us; scientific, medical and botanical knowledge; and most importantly, we lose the expression of communities’ humor, love and life. In short, we lose the testimony of centuries of life."

December 18, 2017



Maybe, if we choose a language we all want to learn on there, or luckily find a speaker of an endangered language, the Duolingo community can help un-endanger that language.


Didn't Duolingo do that with Irish and Welsh? I could totally see a Circassian course on Duolingo tbh. ❤️

[deactivated user]

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful project. It would be amazing if speakers of endangered languages could contribute to a new course on Duolingo.


    There have been many able contributors willing to contribute to endangered language courses for a lot of languages. The issue is on Duolingo's end for not opening any of them.


    Surprising, Abkhaz, the Circassian languages, and Northern Sámi are not on the site. :'[


    Duolingo really should open some courses teaching endangered languages. At least Yiddish is coming soon, though that's not critically endangered.


    Very interesting project. Thanks.

    It would be great to include when possible an awareness of minority language issues in discussions on duolingo.

    For instance, it's always about learning "foreign languages", but you may be learning your identity language, the Irish language for example which is not a foreign language to an Irish person.

    Also many people on Duolingo are already naturally bi-lingual or tri-lingual, it would be interesting to make these features apparent or acknowledged in some acceptable way.

    Just to bring a truer picture perhaps of the language map.


    Can't duolingo do a mission to contact people who speak these endanger languages? I know that's saying alot and they not have the money to afford such a program. Plus, it would take a lotrip of time to make because theReported may only be 1 or 2 contributors which can be annoying.

    Duolingo needs way to make more money to do more things. I would donate $5 a day just to see duolingo become the biggest language learning company out there.

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