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Course progress...

Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone knows when the course is gonna be finally ready :) I was hoping it was finished by now. I'm more and more excited the longer I wait!!!

December 18, 2017



What are you waiting for? Seeing that you're level 8 in Japanese you are already learning it... so you're waiting for it not being in Beta anymore?!? Why? It's just some status based on statistics (I think I read somewhere for a course to get out of Beta the amount of error reports per X amount of users needs to be below a certain threshold for a certain amount of time or something, which quite frankly... won't be anytime soon if my own experience is any indication).

Also, the courses are never ready/finished... they "mature" and get better, skills are added (sometimes removed), new trees are developed, tested in A/B tests, released etc etc.. Hopefully we'll get some (more) tips & tricks (grammar explanations) soon, more kanji (maybe with furigana) and a longer tree (more vocabulary) but it'll take time. Until then, all these things can be found elsewhere as well so if you want to nothing is stopping you =)


It's in beta, if you want


If you find an official answer please let us know! I wouldn't hold my breath though.

Just work with what they have and avail yourself of supplemental materials and programs to advance your studies.

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