"It is a big and beautiful beach."

Translation:C'est une grande et belle plage.

December 18, 2017

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How would you say "It's a beautiful and warm beach" since "belle" goes before "plage" and "chaude" goes after?


I'm just learning as well, but my guess would be "belle plage chaude", without "et".


Why not: c'est une plage grande et belle


Remember that the adjectives "grande" (big) and "belle" (beautiful) go before the noun.


If the question asked us to translate it is a big and beautiful but dangerous courthouse would the correct translation be c'est un grand et beau tribunal mais dangereux or would mais dangereux come after beau ?

Also, as CJ Denis asked, how would you say It's a beautiful and warm beach ? C'est une belle plage chaude ?


"Mais dangereux" would come after "tribunal" since "dangereux" must come after the noun. So "c'est un grand et beau tribunal mais dangereux" is fine.

And yes, you would say "c'est une belle plage chaude."


I have read, heard, and said phrases where the adjective is before and phrases where the adjective is after and I deal with French customers at my work every day.


Thank you for this. Are these the only adjectives to behave thus? Or is there a category? Is there a logic to remember?


Look up the "BAGS" rule online. Or you can simply memorize the 20 or so of the most common adjectives that have this property. Read here:



Many thanks, georgeoftruth.


Even thoug I understand that this is the best way of saying it, if one takes into account focalization and stress, like in Spanish, is it then possible to move "grande et belle" to the end of the sentence? To stress topic/new information?

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