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The new German TV show called "Dark"

So, I recently finished watching the 1st season of this new German TV show called "Dark", and I gotta say that I liked it very much. It is the first German Netflix original show. The show is very "genre ambiguous". It's a mixture of a thriller/mystery show, but it is also a sci-fi drama.

The show takes place in a small German town called Winden in 2019, but there are 3 different timelines. In Winden there is a nuclear power plant and a mysterious dark cave (it is important for the storyline). After the disappearance of 2 boys, people started noticing the similarity to the events that happened 33 years ago. Later a body is found of a boy, but it's not who they think it is...

One could generally say that the show is about time travelling and about the evolution of a serial killer through time, but there is so much more to the story. From family drama to drug dealing, it's all part of the story. You should pay a lot of attention to the family ties while watching it!

As the title says, this show has a very dark cinematography. A lot of people compare it to Stranger Things, but in my eyes they don't have a lot in common. This show seems to be for a more mature audience, as there is a lot of swearing and nudity in it. For me, it only resembles the French TV show "Les Revenants"...

The creators of this show are: Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese. The lead roles are: Oliver Masucci (Ulrich), Louis Hofmann (Jonas), Karoline Eichhorn (Charlotte), Hermann Beyer (Helge)...

December 18, 2017



I agree with you about it resembling the French show 'Les Revenants' (I was gonna comment that before I saw your post),

I think there are also a lot of similarities to Stranger Things, in terms of subject matter, style and setting

It's good quality, but I do find it slightly crosses the line between mysterious and stuff just being unexplained


Vielen Dank. Ich habe mich gerade für NetFlix angemeldet, damit ich diese Serie auf Deutsch sehen kann.

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