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Most Wanted Languages of 2018

I have done some research on Duolingo discussions, and I have decided to put together a list of the most wanted Duolingo languages for 2018. Each language is for English speakers.

  1. Finnish

  2. Croatian

  3. Latin

  4. Icelandic

  5. Serbian

  6. Tagalog/Filipino

  7. Catalan and Guarani for English

  8. Persian/Farsi

9.Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian

  1. Bulgarian

  2. Zulu and Urdu

  3. Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Uzbek, and Turkmen

  4. Albanian, Montenegrin, Macedonian, and other Baltic languages

  5. Georgian, Armenian, and Azerbaijani

  6. Western European regional languages, like Basque and Corsican.

If you have any more that I missed, feel free to add on. As a side note, over Christmas I may ask my unemployed Filipino aunt if she wants to get a job at Duolingo helping with a Tagalog course for English, and the English for Tagalog course.

December 19, 2017



Old English and Maltese!


Heck yeah ├ćnglisc!


I would really like to learn Latin, it sounds like fun.


I have done some research on Duolingo discussions

Me too... most discussions are nonsense and based on anything but facts, and unless you can show some numbers/sources (which would be interesting), I'm counting yours among them =) As a side note, Merry Christmas, and let us know if your aunt is going to work for Duolingo..


Probably not. She's pretty dependent on my overworking grandpa.


I would love to see a Serbian Course for Duolingo. Well I mean : Serbian for English Serbian for French Serbian for German. That will really be cool


I would like Frisian.


Croatian has more requests than Latin? What are the figures--which forums did you search?


Some recent ones, and some older ones. About 20-25 in total. While searching, I came across multiple posts just asking for Croatian. That's how the vote won.


How does Croatian* rank when you add the requests for Serbo-Croatian, BCS, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin together? It's all the same language, no matter what any politician tells you... there's more difference between the big three Croatian regional "dialects" than between the standard forms of the four ostensible "languages" in the Serbo-Croatian family.

*If Duo teaches a Serbo-Croatian language, it should almost certainly be Croatian (Stokavian dialect) both in terms of popularity and tourism usefulness as well as the ease of using it as a (universally understood) base dialect from which to pivot into any of the others. Going from Iekavian to Ekavian vocabulary is a lot easier than going the other way around, since the proto-Slavonic yat is so much easier to spot and change on the fly.


Also, for what it's worth, you could probably add the Macedonian votes to Bulgarian. Albanian sits entirely on its own, though.


Catalan. Catalan. Catalan. I'll do Catalan from Spanish once I know Spanish.


Just out of curiosity, why are you interested in learning Catalan without knowing Spanish?


Yeah, it's kind of like learning Hawaiian or Irish without knowing English, Occitan without knowing French, or Wu without knowing Mandarin.


Occitan > French. Catalan > Spanish. Irish ~ English though.
Free Occitania! Free Catalonia!


Circassian, both Kabardian and Adyghe! I'd also like to see Ossetian, Kashubian, Chuvash, and Uyghur!


I've only heard of Circassian thanks to a recent discussion. I'm assuming the other languages are similar to that?


Mongolian, Navajo, and ancient Greek would do nicely..


I was thinking about Mongolian and Tamil, but when searching through discussions I barely found any. I think I may have skipped all the ones about Navajo by accident.


I would love to see Pashto at some point.


Tibetan would make a nice addition to DL's growing collection of East Asian language courses. And whilst we're in a Himalayan frame of mind, how about Dzongkha, Sikkimese, Ladahki, Newari, Balti, Lepcha, Limbu and Nepali.

Tagalog-from-English is unlikely to be started until the reverse course is completed and out of beta.


And then, we'll have Thai, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, and Punjabi.


I'm surprised Latin is so high on the list. I mean I took a couple of semesters of it but I'm a huge nerd lol.


Well, in Germany it isthe third most taught foreign language.


it used to be required in a lot of places in the English speaking world in upper class schools but now it is much less common.


How about Sanskrit?


Good to see Finnish on the top, hopefully it will be added as it is the language I want to learn most. I am fluent in Welsh and English, and am doing French A Level in school. I am annoyed with Welsh as it's all South Wales Welsh, not what I speak. Most of it is the same, but there are still a lot of differences.
Would like to learn Old Norse


Tagalog. Definitely. I have two friends who are both Filipino, and I would love to be able speak to them in Tagalog


I go to lots of Filipino events as my brother and I used to be in a dance troupe, and sometimes my grandparents will speak in Tagalog and it would be nice to understand them


Having a few Central Asian languages would be nice. Tagalog and Urdu are also pretty viable.

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