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Tip for language learning

It's something that most people know but often don't utilize (I notice this with many of my classmates): Make friends with native speakers of the language you are learning!

My classmates always give excuses to this, that they don't have enough time etc. but how did you make friends with the people you know now? That took time. If you want to learn and become more advanced in a language you NEED to make time to make a few friends that speak the language you are learning because, if you can't travel to that country to practice, this is one of the best ways to learn. And I mean you converse with them and you make an effort to speak the language as much as possible with them.

I got super lucky that I have a best friend who is from France (now living in Spain), my boyfriend speaks 7 languages and I have friends in Japan, Algeria, Morocco and Romania. How did I do this? Well I actually went to Japan but the rest were through an app that lets you talk to native speakers, the one I use is HelloTalk but there are many more (Anygram, Speaky, Tandem, Talkalang, etc). My friend from France has helped my through a lot not just with learning a language. I know sometimes it can be hard to trust someone you meet over the internet and I am not saying don't be careful (do!) but try to find someone who you mesh well with. You can find some really cool people along the way!

Plus if you trust the person, you will feel more at ease speaking and the more at ease you are the better you will sound. Also, don't try to speak fast, this is the number one mistake made by many of us (me included). Speaking faster doesn't give your brain time to think of what you are saying, speak normally, take breaths at normal intervals and speak with a loud (I don't mean yell but just don't whisper/mumble), clear voice so they can understand you. I don't speak fast in English so I mimic my tempo in English for every other language. Once you have this down, it makes you sound much more fluent.

December 19, 2017



I have an Internet friend who speaks mainly Spanish so this'll be interesting.

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