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  5. "Kdo sedí v tamtom okně?"

"Kdo sedí v tamtom okně?"

Translation:Who is sitting in that window?

December 19, 2017



There is a Czech song “na okně seděla kočka (byl horký letný den…)” – so is it possible to say “na okně” as well? And if yes, is there a difference in meaning?


Na is possible. The meaning is the same, sitting anywhere in the window where sitting is possible (be it for a human, for a cat or for a fly). But for a fly I would normally use only "na okně".


Reading your reference, I had to look for this song, and I found it here.

On the surface, it's a light and inconsequential video, but there are odd disputes in the comments section that I don't understand - don't understand because I don't read Czech very well and because I don't know the context of this song and video. Maybe I'm misinterpreting the antagonism in the comment section, or maybe it can be explained by the fact that some people are inexplicably nasty online in both English and Czech.

In any case people run across this post, if they know anything about it, I'd love to read additional comments here.

***I did find some context here.

Edited: Fixed link. Thanks VladaFu. That's what I get for trying to be clever with formatting code.


Your video link points to duolingo.com


Sitting in a window makes no sense in English. Should be sitting on the window or by the window.


it makes sense in english to me! it makes me think there is a large windowsill and someone is sitting on the sill. in the window.

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