Combo bonus xp on mobile but not web

Hi, I've noticed you get bonus XP for getting multiple questions right in a row when using the phone app, but not when using the browser version (in my case Android and Chrome on PC respectively). Bug?

December 19, 2017


Of course not a bug. Though the difference is visible, I would assume the combo feature for the mobile version is implemented to motivate the mobile app users to keep going, presuming the web users are on it themselves beforehand. Would definitely be glad if we could see the combo feature in the web as well in the near future.

August 8, 2018

Appeared on my Chrome web version for the first time today. Good idea: makes one a bit more careful - I tend to rush.

April 25, 2019

No, it is not a bug. There are more differences between
- the Apps and Duolingo's web version
- the Android app, iOS app and Windows app.

Duolingo's web version has

  • the best teaching method: mostly "typing the words" instead of "clicking on predefined words"

  • grammar "Tips and notes"

  • a better feature for "sentence discussions"

Personaly, I prefer to use Duolingo's mobile web version in the Firefox browser of my Android phone instead of the App.
To see the grammar "Tips and notes" you have to set the browser in "Desktop mode"

December 19, 2017
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