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French and German arrive to Stories!

Since Stories launched we’ve be inundated with requests to add more languages. Today many of you will be happy to hear that we’ve launched 20 stories in both French and German!

Please give them a try at https://stories.duolingo.com and let us know what you think!

Joyeuses fêtes & Schöne Ferien!

PS: We know you are excited to see even more languages come to Stories (so are we!). Please help us with this expansion by keeping this thread focused on feedback about the announced languages. Thank you!

December 19, 2017



Hi, I apologize if this is off topic, but this post is a duplicate, and the second one is here. This is the result of the Error 404 glitch that started after the forum maintenance. I thought I'd let you know in this post since the other one is receiving more user comments. Thank you (and I apologize again).


I kind of like that even staff makes a double post because of the glitch and notice how it's been for us for a while now, maybe that'll bring some bug fixes...

That said, I'm very happy about the French stories!


There is a mistake on the first sentence of the first French story!

"Qu'est-ce qu'il se passe?" should read as:

" Qu'est-ce qui se passe?"


They are both acceptable.


I just did the first French story and found it very enjoyable! I wished I could just do them all right now...


Yeah. finally! Thanks for adding more languages.


Wow. I'm really impressed by how much fun they are. German is my mother tongue and still I just did two of them and loved it! Omg I can't wait for them to be added in Norwegian, Swedish or Italian (or Finnish...)!

Well done!


PS: As an Austrian I'm a liiiittle bit offended that some dialect from Germany is used instead of standard German, e.g. "riesig" is pronounced as "riesich" or "nicht" will always be (mis)pronounced as "nich". ;)

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