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French and German arrive to Stories!

Since Stories launched we’ve be inundated with requests to add more languages. Today many of you will be happy to hear that we’ve launched 20 stories in both French and German!

Please give them a try at https://stories.duolingo.com and let us know what you think!

Joyeuses fêtes & Schöne Ferien!

PS: We know you are excited to see even more languages come to Stories (so are we!). Please help us with this expansion by keeping this thread focused on feedback about the announced languages. Thank you!

December 19, 2017



The Labs tab is only visible if you are learning languages from English, so many users learning from a different language will never know about the feature.


Yes, and ProfesorAntonnio's still right too - the Labs tab is still not visible when I switch to a course for Spanish speakers.

I'd have to follow the link https://stories.duolingo.com/lessons/fr-pain-au-chocolat-du-matin (now that I've copied and pasted the URL from the post at the URL you shared) directly to reach it.


This is fantastic! Super excited.

Can I say though, is there any way to sign up for an email list for important updates like this? It seems really odd to have to check the discussion thread every day to be notified of significant changes.


Exactly -- I have "email me when there is an update" checked in settings, but I didn't get an email.


Yay!! I had been checking everyday in hope that German would arrive to Stories. Vielen Dank!!


Quick feedback after completing 4 stories: they are short, sweet and funny. Very enjoyable to go through. I am on B2 level and can understand the stories quite well, although I do need to hover on some words to see the meaning (nice feature, thank you). The pronunciations are clear although some voice actors (mostly the men?) tend to sound unnatural. The vocabulary used in the stories is nicely tied in with the words we learn on the Duolingo tree, so they blend seamlessly and support each other.

Thank you once again and hope this feedback helps! Keep up the good work!


GREAT!!! I just wonder if it could be possible to add the stories words to the Learned words.



Just tried out the first French story!

  • The Good:

Simple and short - and still so much to learn.

Humorous, yet there was a moral at the end.

Learnt lots of new words.

Saw the conversational use of French.

Great listening exercise as well (although it was hard for me)!

Good to have everything, even the questions and it's answer choices, in French.

Diversity of questions was really exhilarating - especially when defining a French word in French itself.

The speakers' voices are full of apt expression - not a monotonous robot - that was great!

Learnt 2 typical French names - gives us a good idea of the pronunciation and spelling - that's important.

  • Things to work on:

The slow audio is just a technically-slowed version of the fast one - not like in the lessons where each word is actually being said separately.

Also, I would like similar audio buttons as in the "Type what you hear" questions in the regular lessons - i.e, being able to choose whether the audio goes slow or not.

Great job, Duo!


This means Duolingo will definitely keep the Stories feature and soon move it from the Labs section to somewhere else on the site, right? :)


Yay! French stories! I have been waiting for this. Thank you Duolingo! :D


Some technical feedback: I can't seem to load any stories. I've tried rebooting, clearing all caches/temp files, updating all possible applications, different browsers etc. (Maybe I'm doing something really stupid that has been resolved a long time ago :p)

All I see is an X with a line at the top, an arrow in a circle pointing down at the bottom and a grey background. The X closes the story and the arrow does nothing; those are the only two actions I can perform.

Update 1: After fidgeting away, I realised that I never cleared my browser's cookies. So I ran CCleaner and did a manual cookie-cleaning afterwards. Now it works! I'm going to keep this comment in case someone else needs help running the stories (I'm assuming the cookies contained a certification issue?)


That's great! I tried listening to a French story (I did the French tree but reset it since I plan on visiting Europe next year and wanted to review) and it sounded great (though yes, I do indeed need to review.)


Try the reverse tree also. Learn English from French


I've tried that in the past (and also laddering) but I don't tend to find that helps me so much. What I'm doing is taking notes this time around, and that seems to be helping the Romance languages (I need to study more for German.)

ETA: Why do people who ladder/reverse tree down-vote people for whom those things don't work? I'd get it if I'd blown it off except I tried it. I even have an account where my home language is Spanish. It doesn't work for me personally. I don't go around down-voting reverse tree/laddering suggestions because it doesn't match my personal experience >;;


haha, just did the first french story...loved it!! So funny and engaging


Yeah, I also just completed the first French story and it was a delight! It's definitely a more entertaining way to practice one's language skills (more so than just completing lessons from the French tree).


Today we celebrate! Regardless if these two are your desired languages it means duolingo has expanded once again! Hoorah! :D


Great! Now I have a great way to keep up my xp until my German tree gets restored! I love this new stories feature, it really helps with more slangish terms and learning natural sentence flow.

Whoops, I've already finished all of them!


Thank you, awesome! What a fantastic addition to Duolingo, you guys are doing great.



EDIT: I've just completed the first story, it's so charming and lovely! Thank you!


Oh man! This is AMAZING!!. I'm going to try them out right now. Thank you very much!

[deactivated user]

    Genial! Merci beaucoup!

    J'aime le vocabulaire supplementaire. C'est plutot utile. Et les histoires sont tres drole


    Merci beaucoup!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not ready to go through the stories yet, but I am pleased that they will be there for me when I am. What a lovely early Christmas present.


    I've been checking Duolingo Stories every once in while for German stories. When I saw German and French today, I screamed my head off in excitement! Except it's almost midnight here, so I screamed in my head. Thank you so much, Duolingo!


    Could you add numbers to the options of the exercises? You already allow keyboard navigation (and selection), this small change would improve on that front; if it's confusing, you could make it an option or show them only if the user is using the ENTER key instead of clicking on the arrow to advance.

    That's a very nice and unexpected present. Thanks!!


    This STILL doesn't work for me in Chrome, only in Firefox.

    Can you all please stop launching new features and start dedicating some effort to actually fixing the bugs? I've submitted dozens of bug reports...in Stories, in the new Chinese and Japanese courses, things related to the universal Web UI, things related to broken features on the discussion pages, and over the past year I've only seen ONE SINGLE BUG actually get fixed.

    It's so aggravating to see you all keep coming in here posting about this new thing you launched or that, when you're neglecting 95% of my bug reports...and when I can see from my posts in the forums that these bugs also affect numerous other users.

    I recently cancelled my subscription...I had paid for two months because I felt grateful to DuoLingo and wanted to give back to you, but over the past couple months I've seen so many new bugs introduced and old features breaking (slow audio in German, Spanish and Portuguese courses, ability to copy-and-paste incorrect answers from site footer) that I decided I wanted to pull my money, I don't want to reward the management of this site if they're on a path I don't like.

    Yeah. Please. Please address at least some of my bug reports and all the other users' bug reports before launching new stuff.


    I don't know why it doesn't work for you on Chrome - it works fine for me.


    I don't know why either. I submitted a detailed report with version info, settings, etc. via a bug report, and a screenshot, and a written summary of the problem, but never heard back from DuoLingo so it's not like they're trying to work with me to replicate the problem.

    It's not a huge issue, because I can access it in Firefox...but...some of the other bug reports are more serious and have caused me to stop using some of the other courses or features of the site.

    This one bug wouldn't bother me in isolation, but it bothers me because it seems part of a broader trend or pattern of the site breaking things and introducing new bugs faster than they're fixing them.


    That's odd. Works fine for me in Chrome


    Would you have the plan to add stories for Swedish as well? really looking forward, many thanks



    This was the last thing I expected when I logged on, my facial expression must have been ridiculous.


    GERMAN! :D This makes me happy since I've basically "outgrown" the German for English tree. Time to go play now!


    Just did the first story in French. I find it's very very good! Thanks, Duo! Can't wait for Italian to come out!


    Re. this thread's title: "French and German arrive to Stories!"

    Given Duo is all about language learning, I will risk being called a pedant and ask whether anyone else thinks "arrive to" sounds incorrect? IMHO, it should be "arrive in".


    It didn't sound wrong to me, but I looked it up and you are correct. It should be "arrive in" or "arrive at."


    You are kind of a pedant for pointing it out, though ;)


    Good will you add some for Russian and Romanian too some day


    Gérard de la première histoire est trop drôle !


    Thank you for all you have tried for us! Continue waiting for the italian stories


    It is so nice to now have French stories! I have been trying to listen to French songs and videos on YouTube, and I have to say that this can be a lot more fun and interactive; one experiences the real way people speak the language, useful everyday phrases, and the really interesting/creative stories! Merci pour vos efforts!


    Thanks a lot for the stories!! I just completed the German stories and in general liked them! My favourites were Blackbeard and Speed Dating (what an awesome way to have some different stories in one =) and how awful are they lol). Some of the first stories had a bit of an annoying male voice as stated in other posts here, but they got better further on in the stories. The difficulty could be a bit higher imo. The narration voices are very clear and easy to understand, and having the text transcripted makes it even easier to follow.

    One (technical) issue I encountered was that I levelled up in German by doing a story, and it didn't give any notice to this, nor did I get the lingots normally awarded to levelling up (i.e. 15 for reaching level 15). Ah well =)


    Please do Italian and Swedish soon! I love doing stories, they add quite a bit more to the Duolingo experience!


    Yaaaaaayyyy! that is amazing! Finally what I was waiting for came true, thanks Duolingo you never let us down :))


    I just tried the German on and gave up after few sentences, I just my German is not read yet for this level, However, I'll keep practicing until I'm ready to try the stories again. they looked nice. Thank you


    You'll probably reach the level pretty quickly if you use Duo every day. If you do find some of the words hard though, you can hover your mouse over a word to see the english for it


    I am not sure about the German difficulty level, but French stories can only be done after completing the tree. Maybe you will have a better comprehension after you finish your tree?


    Yeah, I've completed all the stories for German, and they seem targeted primarily towards those who've already completed their tree.

    Some experienced learners have found the stories too easy, so I think Duo has made them a medium difficulty, so they can be enjoyed by a range of levels though


    I've only done just the first story in German. Found words I didn't know but could figure out enough to complete everything correctly. I completed all the spanish stories some time ago. I'm so glad they've started a group of stories in German!


    This is a good idea! I remember being level 10 in various languages and I couldn't understand much yet at that point...but...stick with it. In my experience it was about 10,000XP where I started to feel that basic functionality where it would be worthwhile to undertake something like the DuoLingo stories.


    This is really nice!


    I have been waiting for a long time! It's time to try it. Dankeschön!


    The German stories are super fun and made me smile ! Great way to learn, thank you, duolingo !


    Danke! I’m so excited to try these out!

    EDIT: The German stories are very enjoyable!




    That's great! I am going to Vienna soon for a longer period so I started learning German again. Stories will be definitely useful for me.


    Je suis si content! :D :D :D


    A question for those who have completed all 40 of the Spanish or Portuguese stories: What are the differences between the sets of stories? For example do they increase in difficultly or length?


    I've done the first four sets in Spanish, and although some are very slightly easier or harder they all seem pretty similar... and seem to be aimed for either near the end or just after the end of the tree, so fitting in between the forward and reverse trees in terms of difficulty.


    I'm through the third set now and so far the range of difficulty doesn't seem to be too variable.


    Feedback regarding stories:

    1) PDF Transcripts: I think having the ability to print out a transcript, with pre-formatted room for notes/translations, of the each story would be ideal for review.

    2) Additional options before starting: Perhaps, once a student is finished with a lesson, he can unlock an option that takes away all text from the lesson. The student then has to type everything with only the audio/picture/name cues. This introduces somewhat reusability of lessons for different purposes eg. first as a grammar test/vocabulary addition, then as a speed typing test for listening comprehension (as most of the exercises on the site work).

    Finally, grammar drill-sergeant mode: Every conjugation has to be completed and no audio will be played until each blank is filled (or left empty if no conjugation). This means that blanks might be left after words that require no conjugations, but makes the students doubt themselves and rethink the nature of conjugation.

    Again, these should be optional for those who like to tinker with choices/challenge!

    3) Voice-acting: I think it is done very well. I have read some comments of over enunciation, but I think this only adds to the already playful vibe that these stories have going. Keep it up!

    4) Variation on story dialogue/questions: This will be hard to implement (since dialogue is voice-acted), but would it be possible to have a few extra words be replaced by others? Also, let stories have different questions every time you restart it? This is also for reusability of stories eg. every time you go through it, you may learn a new thing or two, rather than being stuck with the static lessons.


    5) Full story audio clips/Playthrough of story with no questions/text option: Is it possible to have a single audio clip to accompany the transcripts (Not available yet officially, but I've made my own + notes + translations to Afrikaans/English)? Or at least a textless version that plays the story automatically without any breaks. This adds a little bit of comprehension challenge, at least as a means of review, as no time is given in between lines (as per normal conversation).


    Woaw! I tried a french one (my native language) and a german one. Both where very nice and fun. Not too difficult to understand, a real pleasure.

    Congratulations. Continue the good work !


    Finally, I can try out the Stories! I have only played 1 or 2 so far, but I'm really liking it. It reminds me a bit of Extr@ (that language-learning TV show).


    Thank you so much, especially for the German stories!!


    I literally screamed with exitement!!!


    I've completed all the German stories and really enjoyed them. I would definitely recommend them to any Duo user whose already completed their German tree


    Eine neu Idee und Toll! Johanzel


    Danke schoen! I really enjoyed the first story and think it will be a great way to enlarge my German vocabulary. I didn't expect it to be interactive, but that enhances learning - and I can earn lingots, a little reward that offers more motivation to do the stories. A great new feature! Kudos, Duolingo!


    I'm very glad they're finally adding new languages. I'm hoping Italian and Russian would be added next but who knows.


    German stories are just what I need to practice my German listening skills. Vielen Dank!


    SteveRidout, I am really enjoying these stories in French and have glutted myself on them. I plan to redo them, but was curious if the creators have suggestions on how to get the most out of the stories. There is a lot of new vocabulary in them. Sitesurf has made some Tiny Card decks with new vocab for some of the stories. What is the best way to use the stories? Thank you.


    I have finished all the French stories except "En cachette", which seems to have an audio problem: the speaker does not finish the sentences (at least for the first part of the story). Anybody else has the same problem?


    Yes, I have the same problem with the first part. Even worse, when I managed to get through the first part, the second part freezes after playing the first word "Bon", and I cannot advance it at all! Very frustrating.


    The amount of work that went into creating these stories is evident. It's very well done and quite enjoyable! There are a few stories with audio sync issues and transcripts that don't agree with what is said, but these are somewhat minor in most cases (except for "En Cachette", which was pretty broken).


    I just completed all the German stories, and I loved them. I can't wait to see more stories and see them for more languages, specifically Japanese (with all kanji, please!) and Norwegian, of course!


    Why didn’t I see this before. This is really fun. I hope you guys plan to add this to the app.


    I tried it the other day in German and I loved it, thank you! :) Je l'ai teste l'autre jour en Allemand et je les ai adore, merci beaucoup :)


    Love the Stories! But just wondering if anyone else has had a problem with "Paket Geliefert" ? It doesn't download and the sound cuts out. All the others until now are perfect. Wondering if its my device or a Duolingo problem?


    Same problem. There seem to be a few other posts about it. Probably best to submit a bug report: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug


    Please, Swedish stories yeahhhh S2


    I just tried the first one in German (my mother tongue) and it was quite good. The pronunciation was somewhat exaggerated in places, but otherwise nice.

    I really liked that I was allowed to do the story without taking a German course on Duolingo (although I won't get any XP from it).

    Edit after playing the first 10 stories: Fun fact: Since I am not officially learning German, I cannot rate the stories after finishing them and I cannot directly comment on what could be better for a specific story. Still it's nice to get to play them, although at times I felt the German version was too close to the Spanish one - as in there where several things you wouldn't really say like that in German.

    Fun Fact 2: German from English was forcibly added to my languages so that makes me level 3 in German without having done even one lesson in the tree^^

    Fun Fact 3: I didn't like the way an empty tree was added to my profile, so I finished the German tree^^


    ❤❤❤ you must be insane.

    insanely GOOD AT GERMAN!!!!!!!!!


    people do indeed tend to be good at their native languages :p


    Amazing, isn't it? Unfortunately I couldn't do the placement test (because I already had XP in German from doing the stories...), but luckily there are only 20 lessons after the last checkpoint so reaching this golden owl was very easy.


    Did you go by the level? With duolingo, apparently one's native languages are most likely the ones not showing the highest "proficiency" levels. Those high levels are only earned through constant repetition. Which is rather unnecessary in your L1s (at least at the duolingo level).


    LOL so many fun facts.

    I was rapt.

    Quite apt.

    sorry, i'll stop before I get slapped.


    wow bro you have learned and are learning alot of languages man and one question when i finish this french course and keep it up do you think one day i will be fluent?


    Will duolingo make you fluent?

    Nope. You will only be fluent by practice, by exposure to real people. In fact, duolingo is an absolutely brilliant tool to introduce you to languages, but it is far from producing proficiency on its own.

    Your pronunciation will not be checked (in terms of both phonetics and prosody). Pragmatics (for instance, politeness level application or contextual aptitude) will not be learned properly. Idioms will be rare, as will variants. Spelling -- and more so, punctuation -- will not be taken into consideration. Elaborate wording is left out altogether.

    You will only gain a small skill of understanding and brokenly conversing with native speakers. But for most purposes this is sufficient. And you will be fluent in those exact phrases you trained with duolingo. And you will have had fun, hopefully, and you will have achieved a lot more knowledge in a foreign language. But as of now, duolingo lacks the same thing textbooks are in want of: vivid interaction with fellow speakers who have your target language as their first language. So it is a great thing to prepare for a language class or to add to a language class. But there is nothing better than being immersed in the language to learn in person.

    Hth; cheers!


    Bravo, la premiere histoire était très belle. J'ai hâte d'en essayer une autre. Beau travail les gens de Duolingo! Felicitations!


    Awesome! Now I know how to get my daily XP today!

    Thank you!

    Edit: Listened to the first 10 in French now. The stories are very cute and I like the different types of questions and that even they are in French. I like that I can navigate through them with my keyboard, even if it's confusing at times without numbers. ;) Sometimes they are a bit easy, but maybe that will increase in the second set of stories and that way it's something we can start while still doing the tree.

    I also listened to the first German story (my native language) and have to agree with Rhabarberbarbara, the voice of Nils over-enunciates a lot which makes it sound unnatural. The female voice is better!

    As a suggestion: I think it would be great to have the option to turn off the transcript of the story to train the listening comprehension and only seeing the questions (with the occasional transcripted sentence for some questions of course).


    I don't speak German or French but I agree for the Spanish one- having the ability for more advanced speakers to train listening comprehension would be incredibly helpful for me!!


    This is awesome! I will be doing my xp through Stories for the next while! I'm going through a language learning slump, but this got me interested once again! Thank you!!


    I have been going through them again to pick up vocabulary and doing it with my eyes shut. You're right that they are pretty easy to read and said reading makes them much easier to comprehend. I have really only gone through both sets once, and my memory is bad so that while I remember the plots of the stories, I don't remember the exact working so keeping my eyes shut and the mouse on the blue arrow has been helping me overcome reading them as I go along. I am so glad that we got these stories in French.


    Yeah my family is German but I've been in america my whole life, but the new male voice in the German course and the stories seems a little weird. Er klingt ein bisschen seltsam. Aber vielleicht ist es nur mich.


    I'm a native German speaker and listened to the first story 'Die Papiertüte'. Both speakers seem to be native speakers. What is a bit strange is, that he delivers donuts. Well, admitted, you can buy them here, but then 'donut' is asked as vocabulary to be learned by the learner. Actually not the most important German vocabulary to learn. Actually there is one sentence in the story that is not correct: Hier ist der Typ, zu dem ich die Tüte liefern liefern soll. Actually that should be: Hier ist der Typ, an den ich die Tüte liefern liefern soll.


    Hier ist der Typ, an den ich die Tüte liefern soll.


    "Hier ist der Typ, dem ich die Tüte liefern soll. " is common. "..zu dem ich die Tüte liefern soll" is not strictly regular, but in spoken German it is okay.

    [deactivated user]

      Exactly what I need from DL for Xmas.


      Hey, this is pretty exciting! Good job. It's the first change I can remember in a long time that's been a positive addition to the site for me. I like the format a lot - for me, uninterrupted reading in a language that I'm learning is hard to sustain for very long, but the periodic questions (even if they're a bit on the easy side) keep my brain from wandering off. It's nice to have a new way to practice German without just repeating the old exercises ad infinitum.


      please find a way to allow umlauts to be added when we have to type in a missing word! Vielen Dank for adding German

      [deactivated user]


        Oh wow this is great news. I'll definitely check out the German stories. Thank you!


        This is great! I hope students of French and German will enjoy the Stories as much as I have enjoyed them in Spanish.


        Thanks, thanks so much for the early Christmas gift! So schön!


        Thank you for this update--it's like an early Christmas present for us!

        I'll be looking forward to seeing how this feature develops over time, and congratulations for Duolingo Stories being expanded into more languages! :)


        Endlich! Danke sehr!


        I tried it out for the first story in French. I liked it because it was a very realistic situation.


        I'm glad to see this being expanded to more languages and I'm looking forward to trying them. I'm looking forward to this being expanded in more languages as well and I'm glad Duolingo is beginning to do that.


        This is a terrific addition and the 5 stories I have listened to and read in French are interesting and great fun. Merci de l'expansion !


        At what Duolingo level are these stories intended for (I'm particularly interested in French, but this is probably a question others would have too)? I think this could be a nice additional learning tool, but I don't want to use it until I am ready and will be able to get all that I can from the material.


        From what I understand, a good order to do Duolingo things:

        1. Complete your tree. Save the three bonus skills for near the end of the tree. Review a lot when doing your tree, don't just blast through it. (Unless you find it easy due to outside of Duolingo study)
        2. Duobots
        3. Stories
        4. Reverse tree (As in Learning English for French speakers)

        I did them in the order 1, 4, 2 and now 3. That is because when I had finished my French tree, Duobots and Stories weren't available yet.


        Yeah, I'd definitely recommend finishing the tree before doing anything else, so you know the words they're gonna come up.

        For a lot of people there's an extra stage between 1 and 2, where they need to regild their tree, to refresh their vocab

        Bots/Stories are then very good to do next, since you'll know the words that are gonna come up, from completing your tree

        Reverse tree is actually pretty hard, so I'd recommend leaving that until last


        Ich bin so gluecklich Ja JA Ja


        my only complaint is that at the end the victory noise is a lot louder than the voices and it hurts my ears but if i turn down the voices and other noises they'll be too quiet


        They are very cool!


        Merci beaucoup! J'ai attendu des histoires françaises!! Je suis très excité de les lire! Also some Japanese stories would be great as a future addition!!


        Made my way through the first four of French and they are quite lovely! I think I recognised at least one from the Portuguese set but it's an experience to try in a different language :D


        Some are the same! The Spanish and Portuguese match each other and the French and German also.


        Yay! This was a pleasant surprise logging on today. And (at least for the one i did) they're at a good level for me too, not too hard or too easy!


        I enjoyed the first French story, but when you hover over a word, the English word / explanation / translation pops up. However, when the cursor moves to the explanation itself, it closes, it disappears. This is not the case in the lessons (French) where the explanation remains open when the cursor moves to that field. Can this be fixed to be the same in Stories ? I am sight impaired, and I use the loupe on the Mac/PC to see the text. In Stories I am not able to see the text in the pop up windows. The loupe follows the cursor.

        Yours Morten


        I am also a native German speaker and I finished both sets of stories in a few hours. I think they are very well done. I don't remember having had any real difficulties as I could simply zip through them. The "speed dating" sequence stands out as quite imaginative! Poor woman!! Can you tell me when the stories will be coming out in Italian?


        Thank you so much Duo! I've given the German stories a try, as I'm learning German.

        I consider myself to be on an A2 level, and for me the stories were quite understandable, challenging and entertaining. I can't wait to do them all! I've only done 5 so far but I think I'm going to pace myself out a bit more because I don't want to burn through all the stories in one day.

        I'm using Chrome and everything worked perfectly for me. Superb job!

        This is like a fun new way to learn a language, which complements the regular lessons and feels different to them, absolutely avoiding any and all accumulated mental fatigue one might experience after focusing on several lessons.

        I hope stories will be available for Dutch by the time I reach level 20 on that language (and on Swedish and Welsh when I go back to those)


        J'aime les histoires françaises !


        I've listened to some Spanish and French stories now, I loved them! I've been using Duolingo for over 3 months now and never knew about Stories, I think it should be suggested after ending a level in the mobile app.

        Also it would be great to enumerate the multiple choice questions in the stories to use the keyboard for navigation.

        Other than that, the stories are very entertaining and the questions variety is really good.

        Thank you


        awesome! I have family doing the French course. I'll be sure to let them know they're finally out!


        Is this also available in the app or only on line?


        Please add to the app!


        I've been through all the stories in four days! They're amazing for learning a more casual French tone, and incredibly engaging as well! I know that other languages still need to have stories added, but when there is a chance I hope you add more story sets to the existing ones as well!


        Love the stories. They’re really well done. Good humor, lots of natural sounding vocabulary and speech patterns so it sounds more like natural conversations and less like a classroom. 10/10


        Just did the first set of stories. Quite fun, once I started to get the idea. An excellent change of pace. Thank you!

        Ich habe gerade jetzt die ersten Geschichten gemacht. Ganz toll, nachdem ich habe die Idee verstanden. Es war gut, etwas ein bisschen andern zu tun.


        I just listened to the first French one and I was extremely fond of it. I found it very entertaining and thought that it was at just the right level so that it was challenging but not discouraging. I am also impressed by how natural the voices sound. Thanks so much y'all!


        Thanks for adding french! Now i can learn french using a story! Oh yeah, where can you get the stories because i have heard of them. Is there a way to make them easy or do the story in English then French?


        Completed all the German Duo Stories, and would like to have more. A good number of tge stories are very witty and I enjoyed them very much. It would be better if they were downloadable.


        I love the Stories! They are so cute and funny and are really helping me to see how much I've learned. Please keep them and continue to add more!


        I have just completed the first French story and I am LOVING it. FOr a while now I have been looking for a book or a set of podcasts that would assist in a different approach to practicing French and Voila you have stories. It together with the standard part of duolingo is a great combination. Thanks for all the hard work guys, loving it!


        i did all the 20 French stories within the weekend, reallly nice. i can only say: more more more!! though i guess it would only be fair to add this for other languages before adding more stories for French


        I'm currently working through the German stories, and I find them very useful. More please!


        Thank you so much for these stories. I have gone through them all at least once and am working on going through them and taking notes. They are full of little gems of vocabulary, idioms and such that are very helpful. I like to listen to them with my eyes shut as that helps my listening comprehension. Thank you for the mouse-over hints. I am taking notes and making my own little flash cards. This is such a helpful and fun feature. I want to start working on my Spanish again so that I can understand those stores. Thank you so much for these stories.


        For some reason, I just found these (French) today. This is the first DL change I have been happy with in a long time. The stories are a great idea and I love the way it is implemented. A very useful feature. Bravo! I hope there will be many more to come.


        Salut et merci! J'aime la nouvelle l'histoires. S'il vous plait, ajouter des plus!


        The German stories are a great addition and very entertaining :-)


        I love the stories! It's one of the most entertaining way to learn. They are not boring and keep you interested, while teaching you new words and sentence structure. Please add other languages!! I'd love to see them in Dutch, since it's so hard to find good Dutch material...


        Merci beaucoup, can't wait for more!


        Really love the stories. An interesting and fun way to practice!


        Thanks a lot, that is great news indeed.

        I just played through the French stories and could not help but notice that there are severe audio issues in one of them ("En cachette") which even hamper answering questions (of the type-what-you've-just-heard type).

        Being a duolingo newbie, there are some general remarks I would like seizing the opportunity: (1) Reporting of mistakes and potential improvements should be possible literally anywhere. This would also include Labs elements, and, even more important, it ought to be possible if you are told you got something wrong. With many tasks, it was only possible to report an error if everything was correct. Which is weird by design. (2) Reporting should not be too predefined, e.g. by giving a fixed but always incomplete set of categories, but it ought to enable reporters to write a few words to get their intention over and make it easily accessible. The forums, on the other hand, should be the primary sources of grammar questions (they are not due to ridiculously lacking reporting features). (3) Since in those languages I speak L1-proficiently there are far too many frustrating "false negatives," I would suggest to include a vocab-only mode in which just single words are tested. This would diminish the likelihood of error (by duolingo's accepted variants) so people (like me) could resort to such a one-expression-only style of learning every time they are fed up with being corrected in spite of providing correct (or even more correct) answers. (Note: I personally prefer learning by phrases a lot to learning single words only; so in no way am I arguing in favour of cramming single lexical entries into your brain). (4) In order to lower frustration levels with "false negatives" (which keep driving me nuts) I would suggest that a new option be introduced to store one's own supposedly correct answers which have been flagged wrong separately if reported until it has been decided on whether the report was legit or not. Users might then be awarded some additional "correct answer" points in order not to have them deprived. This might also encourage use of the reporting functionality. (And in case use exceeded the manageable as a result, there might be the option of sanctioning the reporting function for clear-cut (and only clear-cut) abuse. Even though this will not meet Duolingo's standards of positive affirmation, it would still be a huge plus in the end).

        So far I have grown a bit fond of it but also a bit doubtful about duolingo's ability to help with language learning. A great tool for language testing at beginners' levels for sure. But still deficient in so many regards. Or, in other words: a lot of room for improvement.



        I am so in love with the Stories. Thank you very much for all the hard work <3.


        There is a mistake in the first sentence of the first French story !

        "Qu'est-ce qu'il se passe? " should read as "Qu'est-ce qui se passe?"


        I am French and a French professor, I agree with you Marie-Claire that qu'est-ce qu'il se passe is absolutely incorrect, simply because in this case "il" is not the subject of "se passer". One never says "il se passe un jour", so the construction is not the same as "il pleut". Hope this helps, and I hope the mistake is corrected before one of my students wrongly memorizes this phrase!


        Both are actually correct and accepted.

        See: "Dans la langue soignée, il vaut mieux éviter l’expression « qu’est-ce qui (ou qu’il) ». Grevisse, dans le Bon usage, précise : « Qu’est-ce qui est remplacé par ce qui », en donnant l’exemple suivant : « Qu’est-ce qui se passe — Dites-moi ce qui se passe ». (Bu, § 420). Cette réserve etant faite, on peut employer les deux expressions « ce qui se passe » et « ce qu’il se passe », l’usage étant très hésitant. Grevisse, toujours dans le Bon usage (§ 717), donne deux exemples qui illustrent ce sujet : « Ce qu’il se passa, je l’ignore (Henriot, Livre de mon père) ». « Je ne saurais dire ce qui se passait en moi (Ac. 1935-article passer)."

        Source: http://www.question-orthographe.fr/question/quest-ce-qui-se-passe-quest-ce-quil-se-passe/

        See also: Avec les verbes se passer et arriver, pouvoir, advenir, prendre, résulter, convenir, la tournure impersonnelle ce qu’il est fréquente, bien que l’on puisse également utiliser ce qui.

        Source: http://bdl.oqlf.gouv.qc.ca/bdl/gabarit_bdl.asp?id=1103

        Furthermore, you said it was impossible to say il se passe un jour but what about il ne se passe pas un jour sans que je ne pense à toi ? Your example might be uncommon, but it doesn't make the construction itself incorrect.


        C'est vrai, je n'avais pas pensé à la forme impersonnelle de "il", cependant, avez-vous déjà utilisé "qu'est-ce qu'il se passe?" dans une histoire qui est sensée être "informelle"? Sorry, switching back to English, I hadn't realized I was using French! I did check and indeed both are accepted, but this blog explains it well: http://parler-francais.eklablog.com/ce-qui-ce-qu-il-a107532196 : Using "il" as impersonal subject pronoun is quite erudite, and it would surprise me if this was the intent in the little story here. This said, I've learned something new today :) so I am no longer going to argue about it!


        cependant, avez-vous déjà utilisé "qu'est-ce qu'il se passe?" dans une histoire qui est sensée être "informelle"?

        Yes (French native speaker too).
        But you could also use the even more colloquial form "Il se passe quoi ?". This is not erudite and nevertheless uses the impersonal il.

        To add to the information shared by others here: Que se passe-t-il ?, Qu'est-ce qu'il se passe ? and Il se passe quoi ? are all interrogative forms (each of a different language level) corresponding to the same affirmative construction : Il se passe BLABLABLA..
        Example : Il se passe des choses étranges dans cette maison. answering Que se passe-t-il ?, Qu'est-ce qu'il se passe ? and Il se passe quoi ?

        Similarly, Qu'est-ce qui se passe ? is the most formal interrogative construction, the two others for the same question being Qu'est-ce que c'est qui se passe ?" and C'est quoi (ce) qui se passe ?*, which are quite heavy hence unused.

        So I'm not convinced by the fact that Que se passe-t-il ? would be more formal than Qu'est-ce qui se passe ?, both being the most formal construction of the 3 possible ones. However, I personally find Qu'est-ce qui se passe ? unnecessarily heavy. "Unnecessarily" because there exists Que se passe-t-il ?.

        Finally, notice that in Qu'est-ce qui se passe ?, there is no "interrogative locution" like est-ce que in Qu'est-ce qu'il se passe ?, as "est-ce qui" is not such locution. Compare :

        • in Qu'est-ce qui se passe ?, you have on one side "qui se passe" and on another side "qu'est-ce" (=c'est quoi), where qui is a relative pronoun referring to que in qu'est-ce. And the relative pronoun is qui because it's the subject of the subordinate.
        • in Qu'est-ce qu'il se passe ?, you have on one side "Qu'[...] il se passe" (="il se passe quoi") and on another side the meaningless locution "est-ce qu' " which only serves to enforce the fact it's a question (making it, by the way, redundant hence recommended to not use here => Que se passe-t-il ?).


        merci !thanks! je parle aussi le francais


        I keep finding out new parts about Duolingo I didn't know existed ! :-) I hope you'll Welsh soon (thank you!)


        Are the stories on iphones app?


        They’re only on the web but you can access them through your phone’s web browser.


        These are great! Thanks for the addition Duolingo!


        so happy that french is now there and german


        I love it! I already speak Spanish so I understood the Spanish ones. Could you implement a Japanese one sometime soon???


        Allez les bleus!


        Looking forward to training my ears!


        Merci beaucoup, cest très génial!



        Y a-t-il aussi des histoires en anglais et en italien ?

        Ce serait un super cadeau

        joyeuses fêtes

        [deactivated user]

          I'm now learning Spanish so Stories is a good tool for me, even as a beginner! Thank you so much! One thing, can we have the English translation under the Spanish instead of having to click the words?


          I couldn't match & identify the words , while listening ,may be I need to get more exposure . Could be nice if you could make stories available based on level also , rather than choosing tough one to understand


          I think it is intermediate level. Keep learning and you will get better. Nonetheless in doing the Spanish I learnt stuff in spite of little knowledge of the language.


          great! I always wanted this!


          Where is the accent? the words are clear but as someone of European lineage, the accent is half the reason you learn it.


          I'd love to see italian added!


          Me too. Since Portuguese, French, and Spanish are in there, it seems likely Italian will be next. Crossing my fingers.

          I'd say one of the weaknesses the story feature is likely to have is that a lot of it seems to be the same story translated into different languages. For the sake of making stories faster, that's good, but for people studying languages from the same family, that might be a weakness.


          Make this a bit more visible. Not everyone comes here looking around. You need to really publicize the story feature.


          Amazing! I'm so hype. Once I finish my French tree I will definitely check it out.


          This is great! Will they eventually be available on app for tablet?


          But how about italian?


          I think that it would be helpful if there were some images to go with the stories but they're otherwise very good




          hi strangers around the world


          Danke Sehr! Je parle Francais und ich spreche Deutsch! Merci beaucoup!


          I have enjoyed following the first French story but on my Android phone I had to use Chrome rather than the Firefox browser. My phone is running version 6.0.1.

          In Firefox all I see is the progress bar and a greyed out arrow - the story simply will not load. Is there a reason for this?


          Hooray! Thank you! Danke sehr scho:n. I've done the first German story and love it...glad some of them are different from the Spanish ones (I did the Parot one in Spanish last nightand in German tonight. This is going to help my German no end.

          I may even take a pop at the French ones.

          whispers looking forward to more languages....LOL

          [deactivated user]

            thank you so much


            Thank you, Thank you!


            Vielen Dank, und merci beaucoup!


            this is great i speak 6 language and i can do all my language


            I love the new French stories. However, I have just done one and it stopped half way through. I repeated it and found that I had just been given over 3000 xps for doing so!!!!


            please ask me a lot in my so-called debate < greek students what language you learn > and follow me please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            Wow! Before u only had portugal and spanish, but now french? Genial! Cant wait to get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



            see ya in the future


            very good, it will improve the languages you are learning. Thanks a lot


            I am SO excited! Tried the first story, awsome! Is it coming to the app (Android) anytime soon?


            What level do you need to understand the stories? Because I tried with the first one and I got zilch :(


            hey wyd I am a dog nerd


            please make japanese Xx


            New languages for stories! Great! But are adding new languages to bots abandoned? We've had no new languages that work for bots since its launch, right?


            Hallo, ich bin Maryam


            I absolutely LOVE stories as a way of learning. They are all quite cute and/or interesting so far, hearing them helps my comprehension, and repeating each line helps my speaking. There is an interesting variety of response methods so it feels like playing a game; I think I like rearranging the words the best. Thanks for not forcing punctuation and accents. A story really rounds out the vocabulary too; I scroll over lots of new words my first time through; then a same day repeat with no scrolling. I applaud this training method! It made it all so much more fun and BONUS: I still get XP! Thank you so much Duolingo!


            hey guys one question im sort of new to this whole thing but i am very interested in learning languages and my first one is French i love this site as it is a lot of fun and all of that fun while learning is incredible but just one question if i keep on doing my French course and keep it complete with all of the subjects golden will i be fluent in French?


            Hi there! I don't know whether you found the answer somewhere yet - I sincerely hope so! :-) - but I answer you anyway since no one has done so yet, and that's plain rude. No, Duolingo can't deliver you with enough practise or vocabulary to be fluent in any language. But you will have enough understanding and words at hand - as well as a lot of certain phrases - to speak with natives in a very simple way. But that's good enough to go from there. If you want to become fluent, you will have to search for a native speaker to practise with - but your skills will be enough to have simple conversation and actually ask them to help you learn their language. :-D So, it's doing what it should.


            What a great idea! ☺️


            Can anyone tell me if the German stories were scripted by native Germans. Some of the stories were very funny, from my British perspective, and I was wondering if they were an accurate representation of German humour.


            Well, the German ones share the very same plots (with only minor modifications, such as pain au chocolat [which is culturally valuable to know] => Himbeermuffin [which is not too German at all, but reeks of Berlin hipsters]) with the French ones. I do not know anything beyond that, but it might reduce the likelihood of Germans involved. Generally, I do not see an overall difference in humour anymore within Europe/ the U.S. On the other hand, I would bet the funnier ones were not scripted by East Asian guys c-; .

            But they all have one more thing in common: They seem linguistically well-designed by native speakers and spoken by native speakers. There are some sound problems at times, but I can only recommend them as a good kind of exposure to everyday use and imitation-worthy.


            Just need it in greek!


            Love it! These stories are so good! And French is way more motivating than Spanish.


            Great work! So happy to see this as an option for French. Maybe the first one is a little hard to be the very first story? I'm not great but been learning for a little while and only knew 50%? Thanks :)


            Hello everyone!4 hourse ago i found doulingo wishing to learn more french so far is super cool!


            I absolutely love the French Stories. It's helping me understand the context of how the words are to be used in a conversational form. Please please please keep them going.

            1. there a bug in french - set two - soiree pour celibataires, part 2.


            MARIE D'accord mais … MARIE Qu'est-ce qu'il se

            it doesn't download further, it remains like that. i can only close the lesson. please fix it as i can't procede to Set Three.

            1. please enable keyboard shortcuts for replaying the audio for the stories as in normal duolingo lessons. 'enter' and numbers to choose correct answers work, but cntr+space doesn't.

            2. it replays 2 times with normal speed and the third is automatically slower, please make it more times with normal speed to practice listening comprehension. or make 2 buttons, one replaying the audio at normal speed, one with slower speed.


            Hi Gosxka! I have nothing to do with these stories, but if you haven't already, I would recommend also posting in the troubleshooting forum, as I think you're more likely to get a prompt response that way. :)


            ok, thank you for advice :) I've also sent my info with 'report a bug' form.


            Absolutely LOVE Stories! Puts together all that I've learned and challenges me to think about the language in more practical context. I love the fact that there is no English, especially that the questions are in French. Thank you for this, hope to see it in more languages! (Like Welsh!)


            Will there by stories in Swedish added soon?


            Omg, thank you so much. I am learning French and I find this is so helpful to read the interactive stories. Merci beaucoup. J'apprends la langue Francaise et c'est très util à lire les recits!


            I realize I am late to the party but just started the French stories and absolutely loving the different learning tool. Having voice actors really helps bring life to the stories.

            Couple of questions:

            1. Is there a way to practice these new words in the rest of Duolingo interface, or only through Tinycards?
            2. Would it be possible to create a ‘choose your own adventure’ story where there are various storylines based on limited learner input (maybe deciding what the character responds next, etc)? It would be nice to have encouragement to go back to the ‘same’ story and revisit the new vocab several times and see different ways in which the same words could be used?


            (Sorry for of topic comment, but this is important, but I can't get Duolingo's attention on these for months now)

            This is official post https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/10727793 to get votes for English for Georgian speakers course.

            700+ votes from that post are gone, https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25398737 and Doulingo hasn't fixed this.


            When will Italian arrive?


            How can I help with the creation of new stories, specially for Portuguese/English?


            I love the stories! I wish some of them were only available for lingots.


            Please add Swedish stories.


            Is it possible to run/review a story after completing the exercise with uninterrupted audio and transcript?


            I could not find a way to leave a question after completing the story Ein geheimnisvolles Date. Hopefully, this is the appropriate venue. The story begins with a sentence " Ich habe heute keinen Unterricht mehr." Which the lesson translates as "I have no more classes today." I am confused as to why the plural Unterrichte is not used or perhaps better, Unterrichtstunden is not used. It seems that there are very subtle differences in usage between the singular and plural of Unterrichte. Thanks for clarifying.


            There is an error in French Level 3 story "The paper sack" Text: Il m'a demandé de donner les donuts à un musicien de rue. Audio says beignets instead of donuts.


            even though Im new to duolingo and now "old news", it is still exciting! can't wait to check it out


            Will you create stories in Italian next please? The French stories are great and I find them extremely helpful and fun.


            Can't wait to dutch stories !


            Have I missed something??? Why can I only get the stories on the website and not on the app?? Love the ones I've done so far


            I have a question.... this histories no show in the celular app or can you explaime how active histories in my cel


            More stories in French, please


            I love the stories in French. I have been away from Duolingo for awhile, but have recently returned and am really enjoying it. The only issue I have is with one story about a honeymoon, where it is about a same sex couple going on a honeymoon.


            Japanese stories would be brilliant! Any chance?


            Please add stories in Swedish.


            In German Stories, part 6 "New Life plan" part 2 and "Wild Ride" part 2 both stall. Thus, not only do I not know how the stories end, but I cannot move on to the stories in part 7. I have tried multiple devices, restarted my computer, emptied my cache, nothing. So I think this is an issue on Duolingo's side.


            I love using the stories in french, very eager to see the Arabic soon!


            I have enjoyed the French stories very much I can get my listening, and repeat the sentences to improve my pronunciation. The comprehension exercises help me to recall vocabulary. There is one of the stories on the set 8 " A day out fishing." which has a gltch, I tried repeatedly to complete it yesterday and today and did not work and can not go on set 9.


            when are the new stories in German going to be available?


            Much appreciated.
            Can we have some more stories in Italian too?

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