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"Mir geht's gut" vs "Mir gehts gut"

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In one practice example asking for the translation of "I'm doing fine" I typed "Mir geht's gut" and I was told I had a spelling mistake, with the correct answer leaving out the apostrophe. A couple of questions later I had to translate "Mir geht's gut" (WITH the apostrophe!) to English.

Was the correction in the first question a mistake or are these two actually different?

Unfortunately the "Mir geht's gut" discussion linked to the second practice question is locked, so I needed to create a new discussion topic.

December 19, 2017



Since "Mir geht's gut" is a contraction of "Mir geht es gut.", I would think the apostrophe should be used. I'm not familiar with German punctuation rules, so both may be acceptable. It means the same thing either way.


You are right, "geht's" is a contraction of "geht es". But because the contraction is used so much, the version without apotrophe is considered to be right too since the last Rechtschreibreform.


By the way, apostrophes are kind of a difficult thing for Germans too. They really seem to like them (I suppose because of the influence of the English language) and you can see them used wrongly very often. There is even a term for a misused apostrophe, it's called "Deppenapostroph" (literally "the idiot's apostrophe")


In English the Deppenapostroph is a greengrocer's apostrophe :).


Both versions mean the same and are correct.


Duolingo does some weird things with apostrophes. For example, sentences like This is your sisters' dog is always marked as a spelling mistake. (Saying it is This is your sisters dog )

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