I made German/ Hungarian tinycards


I made some " German for Hungarian speakers" decks because this course is missing from Duolingo.

As the name says, this is mainly for Hungarian native speakers, but you can also try it out as a "reverse course" if you know some German already.

I am open for comments, recommendations.

One difficulty is that tinycards accepts only 1 translation, no place there for alternative solutions :(

I used the following logic: If I ask just a verb conjugation "ich esse" the pronoun is included in Hungarian: én eszem

If I ask a more complex sentence than that, "ich esse einen Apfel" then the pronoun is dropped in Hungarian. Eszem egy almát.

I also had some difficulties with er/ sie versus ő, I usually included the gender in parantheses.

December 19, 2017


Perfect cards Jzsuzsi! thanks.

December 19, 2017

I wish some one can make German tinycards for Hebrew speakers. I don't know how to make tinycards

December 19, 2017

Danke :)

December 19, 2017


December 20, 2017


December 22, 2017
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