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"He wanted to go there but didn't go."

Translation:Chtěl tam jít, ale nešel.

December 19, 2017



Can't we say Chtel jit tam, or tam must stay before jit?


I used "Chtěl jít tam" and it was wrong, so I guess there's a(nother) word order issue...


Chtěl jít tam, ale šel jinam. can be used when when tam is stressed. Depends on the actual way it is pronounced, "Chtěl tam jít, ale šel jinam." is perhaps still more likely, but requires different intonation/sentence stress.

But here tam is unstressed and we stress šel vs. nešel. Hence the unstressed tam must be in the second position.


I have the same question as NinaOBel 6 months before. Is the word order fix and "tam" can't be at the end? In my mother tongue German the past participle must obligatory be at the end of a sentence. How is the word order in Czech?


See there, please avoid starting new threads with "I have the same qestion". Those are normally deleted.

The German word order does not apply. Not only that. Because there is no auxiliary (*on jest šel is extremely archaic) we can perceive on šel as a basic past tense, not a compound one.


Could "jet" be used in place of "jit"?


Yes, it can. You would then also say ', ale nejel' to match the mode of transportation in the second part of the sentence

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