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At what time should i start learning by videos?

So i am learning spanish right now, and i know all the basic stuff, he she some animals some foods and so on yet when i try to watch a spanish video on youtube i cannot understand at all, especially because they speak so fast I'd love some tips about what is the right time to start learning by videos because i think that is the best way to learn some good video suggestions would be nice also Thanks !

December 19, 2017



When you have a better grasp of vocabulary, verbs, and grammar rules, watching a video in your target language should be a bit easier. Though, I think you need to watch videos that are slower paced, so that you can actually understand the topic of the video. If you start small and work your way up towards faster videos, it will help you learn to not actively translate every word that is said. The important thing is that you can take things that you don't know and combine that with the knowledge you do have in order to delineate the overall idea of a video. The same goes for building your reading comprehension. This was what my French teacher taught me in the past. So, hopefully that is a bit helpful!


Try watching simpler videos. You can search for "cartoons en espanol para ninos" on youtube and find lots of videos with easier vocabulary and work up from there :)


What you can do is on YouTube press the cog button and press speed then select something slower than it already is, e.g., at first it is 'Normal' but i change it to 1.25, so they would slow down the speaking.


Start Now! www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr2OzvqcsuQ

I searched for "animales en espanol".

You can even use a search filter to choose only videos with closed captioning.

Count from 1 to 10 and learn 10 colores! www.youtube.com/watch?v=GW4wPprlReM

If those are too easy, try to watch something like these Cameleon videos. www.youtube.com/watch?v=76dw3ZRFGNQ


Try these bookbox videos. Destinos and Nuevos Destinos are good, too. Watch one a day and soon you will think they are slow, which is just what you want, of course. Pocoyo in Spanish is good too.


There are many good ideas for listening resources here. But I would start right away. It takes along time to start " hearing the language" . I wish I would have spent more time just listening when I first started.

Not mentioned here yet , so , I search on YouTube for "Slow French " and many videos pop up designed for the beginners ear. I'm sure "Slow Spanish " will yield similar results


Thanks alot everyone for the resources, i really appriciate it !

[deactivated user]

    You should start seeing videos anytime at all. If the videos seem too advanced, find some basic ones first. See if the more advanced videos have subtitles in Spanish or English. Rewatch videos with subtitles first in English, then again in Spanish. If you think they're too advanced and you need to understand everything first then you'll never get far. Push beyond your comfort. Most of all, enjoy!


    Complete your Duolingo tree and get it all gold, do all the chat-bots and all the stories, then you should be comfortably ready to start watching films in Spanish.

    It's very useful to begin by watching things dubbed into your target language that you're already familiar with in English, to make sure you're understanding them as you learn, later on you should branch out to new material

    Remember 'practise makes perfect', so try to spend as much time as possible learning Spanish from as broad a range of materials as possible


    People gave you some nice suggestions here, I'll add another one, not video form, but sound- podcasts : on whatever app you are using (I have podbean) there is an option to slow the sound, this helped me.

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