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Please up-vote if you would like to have the CONJUGATION TABLES BACK INSIDE THE LESSONS. Thanks!

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I know the conjugation tables still exist. They are now inside the Words Tab.

Some time ago, they were inside the lessons, which is exactly where we need them most. So while we were presented with a phrase, hovering the mouse over a verb would bring up the translations tooltip, which also contained a CONJUGATE BUTTON that would bring up the conjugation tables for that verb. So easy. So convenient. Right where we need them.

I used that feature a lot while studying the French tree. Many times for the same verb, until the patterns were fixed into my memory. Then at some point they disappeared. After studying the German tree without them, I realized I'm not so confident with German conjugations. I find myself taking time to remember even some forms of the modal verbs, when they should come instantly. I asked myself why? Well, because the Words Tab way is more time consuming, therefore I rarely go there.

Compare this:

  • Hover the mouse over the verb.

  • Click on Conjugate button.

To this:

  • Have the Words Tab opened in another browser tab. Change tab.

  • Find the verb. This is more complicated that it might seem. CTRL+F, then write the verb. Not all conjugated forms are there. Not all infinitives are there. Some verbs contain diacritics, so depending on your setup, you might have to find those first, otherwise your search would not return what you look for. Sometimes the conjugation tables are there (for example for "bin/bist/ist/sind/seid"), but sometimes they aren't (for example for "sein").

  • Let's say you found it (it doesn't always happen). Then click on it to get to its side panel, then click on More Details to get to the conjugation tables.

  • Finally change the tab again to go back to the lesson.

December 19, 2017



I have never seen conjugation tables available in the lessons and I have been on Duo since 2013.


Web? They used to be available. If you hovered over a word, there was a dropdown list of options and at the bottom you could click "conjugate" and a table would pop up.

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I'm on Duo since 2015 and in 2015 they were available for the French tree at least. Maybe they were not available for all languages?


The Italian tree had them as well.


And, when in F11/fullscreen, you have to unfullscreen and later refullscreen


You could switch the tab with "Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown"


Oops, I'm a bit late to the party! However, I agree with what was said here- personally, I wasn't affected by the change, but I see no harm in keeping it there. If people see it as a helpful feature, and it's not causing harm to anyone else, why remove it?


The tables were available in the lessons as late as Aug 2016 in the Eng-Fr. That is when I started DL and they disappeared a few months later.




I've didn't up-voted it. Duolingo must have the freedom to teach us whatever he wants. And besides, Duolingo must have his reasons.

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My question is not about Duolingo (freedom, reasons etc.). My question is about You, the learner, and your learning experience. I would like to have a learner's point of view.

Do you think your learning would be improved by having the conjugation tables inside the lessons?

Do you think your learning would be worsened? Why?

Would it make no difference to you?




I also think the Conjugation tables would be very helpful. I don't need them for Spanish anymore, but I could use them for Italian and really use them for French.


It definitely would make difference to me and I wish I had them back inside the lessons.


I am in my first month studying Spanish and I do not know or understand how to change the verbs and I lose health points over it nearly every day now. It isn't taught and I don't see where I can practice it separately. A guide is needed!

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