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Any Good Hindi Shows/Movies For Beginners?

Hi everyone! I'm doing a research project on how movies, TV, and music effect language learning. I was required to choose a new language to learn, I'm a native English speaker and am currently learning Japanese. I chose Hindi because I had heard that it is easy for English speakers to learn. Does anyone have any recommendations for shows or movies that could help? Thanks!

December 19, 2017



Do a search for Bollywood films. There are a lot of good ones to choose from.


Hindi is a difficult language, but it’s very rational, and I found it fun to learn. I started learning because I loved Hindi film so much and my vocabulary was useless based on film. Unless I wanted to say: “begone, my enemy!” For example.

I’ve watched thousands of Hindi and Indian films, so will post some suggestions later today when not swamped at work.


Please also let me know your tastes and age range. Not all films are right for everyone.


Taste doesn't really matter as long as it works, and the age range would be anywhere from Y-7 to PG-14. Thank you!


There was this new Bollywood sequel that came out in May this year and caused half of India to buy tickets. Don't remember what it's called, but the title looks something like the guy from "The 300"


By any chance, do you mean Baahubali- The Conclusion? :)

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