"To make good decisions is not easy!"

Translation:A lua decizii bune nu este ușor!

December 19, 2017

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What is the difference, if any, between "a face" and "a lua"


In Romania, it is used the verb "a lua". This is a case where you cannot translate word by word.


can anyone explain why it is "decizii bune" and not "decizii buni"? Is it something in relation to Gen-Dat? Or am I missing something else? thank you


Firstly, "decizii" is in the Accusative case.
Secondly, "o decizie" is a feminine noun. That's why "bune" is used.


How about "să fac decizii bune nu este ușor"? Or is this more of a direct translation from English?


You have an infinitive ("to make") in the English sentence, so you need to use one in Romanian as well.


Okay . . I get 'a lua' is the correct answer. What does it literally mean and where else might I use it outside of this sentence?


"a lua" often translates as "to take" or "to get", but the verb is so versatile in Romanian that you will often encounter exceptions. A few examples to demonstrate the use of the verb:

  • Am luat o pernă pentru a citi. = I took/got a pillow to read.
  • Nu uita -ți iei umbrela. Astăzi va ploua. = Don't forget to take your umbrella. Today, it is going to rain.
  • Aș fi luat o notă mai mare dacă aș fi învățat mai mult. = I would have got a better mark if I had studied more.
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