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Korean on Web removed?

I looked through the forum to see if anyone else had posted this, but couldn't find anything.

Today I logged in to a message indicating that "Korean for the web is not yet available." I can no longer get to my Korean tree. Japanese is gone, too. The other courses (including Chinese) are still there.

My profile still shows the progress I made in Korean and Japanese, but neither language shows up in my list of languages.

Anyone else experiencing this? I very much hope that my trees will not have been reset when this resolves.

December 19, 2017



I just noticed this, too. I thought it was a browser error. I tried logging in on Chrome & Explorer. Duolingo Korean is still in beta, perhaps they temporarily removed it for an update. I hope I don't lose all my progress.


i just went into the language list and selected korean again, it worked again for me after that


I did the same thing, you can access your tree again, however none of the lessons seem to be working


I'm glad I am not the only one having this issue, I got scared like what happened?? Hopefully this issue will be fixed soon.


Mines are working just fine...


저는 이 문제는 안 있어요.

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