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Lost my lingots - misleading copy or bug?

Hi guys,

I just bought the german test with my lingots. I had to stop midway and quit, which didn't return my lingots. The copy says «You can do this multiple times, at any point in the course.», which lead me to believe once I bought the test, I could do it anytime.

Any ideas?

April 10, 2014



I don't know why it tells you that you can pause, because you can't. You have to be ready to take it there and then.


The text is right. You can buy the test in anytime in the course, you don't need to have the owl for that. You don't get your lingots back if you don't finish the test but you can buy a new one later at any time.


That's not what the text says. It also doesn't mention any owls. :) I'm not saying it's wrong, just misleading. The fact that I got confused should count for something.


That's true, it doesn't mention owls :) The exact text is 'Take a 15-minute French test, and get a Duolingo certificate to show off your language skills (see an example). You can do this multiple times, at any point in the course.', I think it is pretty clear, but to encourage you to do the test again I gave you 25 lingots. Don't waste them, it takes about 15 minutes ;)


Oh wow. Thank you so much :)


This is the copy that appears in the popup:

"Are you sure you want to get a certification exam? The exam starts right after you get the exam and takes up to 20 minutes. You cannot pause the exam once started. Click OK to get the certificate and start the exam now."

The copy on the store item itself is trying to say that you can purchase multiple certificates on different occasions.


Absolutely. But there's nothing about the popup that says "beware, you can't REPEAT the exam". It just mentions pausing.

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