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Speaking Exercises: Issues with Numbers

Hi all

First off, a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the very thorough German course. I am about 3/4 of the way through it in the span of 4 months, and it has reignited my passion for a language that I stopped learning over two decades ago.

One small issue that I have with both the Web and Mobile app is that it all of the speaking exercises tell me that my "complex numbers" are incorrect. By complex I mean any number containing an "und" in it. I have no problem with 0 - 20, or with 30, 40, 50, etc. as long as there is no "und" in it. I have tried everything I can think of, including speaking quickly, slowly, placing emphasis on the various parts of the word, etc., but to date I have not had a single one correct. I have even let my native German mother try and it still fails.

Is there something that I am missing, or a certain way you are supposed to say the numbers?

Kind regards


December 19, 2017



I've encountered this too...some of these numbers are virtually impossible to get marked correct. You're not necessarily doing anything wrong, it's a flaw in the system, and for some reason it only shows up with these numbers. The listening comprehension works remarkably well for other things.

If you want to test your speech, go over to google translate and try speaking the numbers into its dictation system; I've found I can get it to dictate numbers correctly with ease, but DuoLingo still marks me wrong nearly all the time.

This is a long-standing bug...and by long-standing I mean the bug has been around for over two years and I have seen no evidence that the team is in any way, shape, or form, prioritizing it.

In the Russian course, they had the same problem, and they solved it by just removing these numbers from the speaking exercise. In my opinion that's a good hack or "workaround" solution if they're unable to fix the deeper bug.

If you want to use DuoLingo, be prepared to run into a lot of nonsense like this. Over the course of the past year I've seen numerous bugs and glitches introduced, and I've rarely seen any of them fixed. The team is also almost completely non-communicative about anything that is going on. They'll occasionally post in the forums announcing a new feature here or there, but there is little follow-up with anything...I have never received a personalized response to a bug report and with the exception of the Russian course where they seem to have implemented a workaround for this bug, I have never seen any signs of them actually fixing any bugs I report.

I cancelled my paid subscription recently for this reason. DuoLingo seems like abandonware to me...I don't care that the people who run the site are launching new features...they aren't maintaining the existing features and they also aren't being very communicative with the userbase.


Well it is somewhat comforting to hear that it is a long-standing issue. I am experiencing the same problems with Spanish. It will understand every word except anything after ten. Slightly frustrating.

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