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Duo-bots, Stories, Podcasts, what could possibly be next?

So far, Duolingo has available (Depending on the language) duobots, stories, and podcasts. Which are all great! (I am assuming that the podcasts are great, but considering I did a story in Spanish and only understood 2 words - I decided not to even try the Spanish podcasts)

What totally different features would you like to see Duolingo have in the next few years?

Cartoons I can image duolingo making short 4 or 5 minute cartoons, with questions interspersed throughout the cartoon. Just simple little ones - very similar to the current stories features.

Music Something with music. I know that the language learning service, "Language Zen" uses music. But I'm not sure how considering Language Zen only offers Spanish.

December 19, 2017



The pod casts have narration in English to help give context clues and they have a written dialog. You might be surprised how much you are able to comprehend. I am so happy that Duolingo Stories came out in French. I am really enjoying them.


I doubt I would have any luck since I have zero experience with Spanish, and it isn’t a lanuage I have an interest in.

But I find that French, my langage of choice is usually in the top three of important languages here on duolingo. So if podcasts are successful then French will likely be next.


I do wish duolingo would come up with something that focuses just on spelling and or grammar. Most often my mistakes relate to spelling mistakes or conjugation errors.

But I can’t see that happening since it seems to go against thier way of teaching.


Try http://verbly.io/french

I haven't tried the French version, but have found the Spanish one very helpful and (surprisingly) even kinda fun.


It's all about multiple-choice, not typing / recalling.

On Memrise I have disabled all M-C because it is IMHO way too easy.

But having to WRITE sentences in the target language is also not trivial, so reviewing ALL / multiple finished courses regulary, is not that easy.
So this is the drawback for not enabling multiple-choice or using speed reviews daily.

I might enable it on DuoLingo from time to time, if supported, but I probably would still try to mix in some ratio of multiple-choice, otherwise having to strengthen multiple skills might get insane.


Have you tried www.lingvist.com for French?

Learning ~5000 words is free until end of this year; next year "Lingvist Free" will be cut on 3000 words or you have to go with "Lingvist Unlimited"

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