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  5. What is the "tree"?


What is the "tree"?

I've seen lots of posts talking about a tree but I don't see one for me. Where and what is it?

December 19, 2017



ahhh that is term we Duolingoers use to describe our Skills list.

It has changed a bit over time in the way it is presented. Yet we still tend to refer to it , and perhaps many of us also imagine it, as a tree. One we climb. Or one we see grow, as our knowledge of the language we are learning also grows.

Wishing you all the best with your language learning.


Fun fact: they were once actually called "trees":

This was on an older version of Duolingo--and you can find more of these pictures by searching something along the lines of "Duolingo tree" on Google. :)


Good question! A tree is all the lessons on Duolingo for the language course you are doing. It's what we call our ' Skills List ' . Lets say that you are doing a new language on Duolingo. You have to then do your first lesson. That's the first part of the tree. Once you complete all the lessons on that language course you've successfully completed the tree.


A tree is all the lessons of one language on Duolingo. For example, I see you're learning Spanish. So, if you complete all the Spanish lessons, you've completed the tree.


Same bro i dont know what it is either

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