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How do you get a tutor?

Please comment how to get a tutor or if you can be my tutor. Need help. Please!!!

December 19, 2017



Guten tag! Well, if you are need of a tutor, Italki is a site where you can speak face to face with your tutor but you will need to pay your tutor. Also I recommend using Speaky.com on site you can find hundreds of native speakers to practice with. There are other sites out there that might help you aswell. hope this information helps


Thank you thatspanis! Wie geihts?


Well there are sites where you can find one in your local area (I can't remember a name of anyone sorry but I doubt they'd be hard to find).

Like thatspanis4 said italki.com is pretty good or even a language exchange could act as a tutor (because they'd be teaching you and correcting you) unless you were entering an exam or anything where you'd need a properly qualified tutor.

Ich hoffe, ich habe geholfen :D

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