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My class is starting their German unit tomorrow!

I cant wait for them to start the German unit tomorrow.So excited!

December 19, 2017



Awesome . Have fun^^


Are you in the US? You must be out west. I wish they taught german where I live.


Same. I'm in a mainly German community, where most everyone (who isn't new) has a German or Irish background, and some cemetaries have German writing. However, many of the immigrants that come into here are from Mexico, so Spanish is all we learn. It honestly sucks, because we just keep relearning colors, clothing, weekdays and dates, and greetings. I, you, we, she, etc. hasn't ever been taught to me, nor verbs.


Lucky, I only have French in my school :( I don't have a problem against French as I love it but I'd kill to be able to do another language course in my school. I'd love school if I learnt 4 languages there - one for each period in the day xD


But what about the importance of math, history, English/reading and science?


In the Netherlands, we learn Dutch English, German, French and Spanish while still being able to endulge ourselves in math, history and science. At least at the level I was taking and only for the first three years (of six years) of high school. Afterwards you only need to take a minimum of three languages (Dutch, English + another foreign language).


To me science doesn't really serve that much purpose. I was only joking as well :) But I'd happily do 3 languages along side maths, history, English and science xD

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