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Do you keep your finished trees golden?

I finished 3 trees so far, and I want to keep learning, but sometimes I feel it's a waste of time to work in my old trees instead of progressing with my new trees. What are your opinions?

December 19, 2017


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I keep the tree golden till completion. Finishing the tree, I don't spend extra time to make all the lessons golden. I start to use the language reading on-line news on the target language(s) and listen texts on YouTube.

So: Repetition the same lessons continuously - waste of time as we can't use the language better. I strongly recommend to start a new tree or use other resources.

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Did that change after you got those three courses to 25? My French tree was gold and complete somewhere around level 15. I am not quite sure when I will stop, but right now I find I make enough errors it is worth repeating to build automaticity.

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I don't run through the tree(s) quickly. I'm learning Russian now - I'm on level 17 although less than the third of the tree is done.

For German, Italian and French - I made repetition till I was confident with the material and reached the top level. :)


Interesting - my way of approaching is to set a goal (5 units a day) and do at least one of those as a new one per day, but as many as four keeping the tree golden. However, it occurs to me that my French tree I tested out of a lot of stuff, whereas my Italian tree is nowhere close to done at level 14.

Still surprised at level 17 and less than a third of the tree done though.

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Thank for the comment.

I don't start a new unit every day. I learn all the words in sentences - also I write them in an Excel. I would like to learn all the words by heart before moving to the next unit. Normally I need to repeat each unit minimum 4-7 times to learn the new words.


I do. I finished my Norwegian tree on 31st of December last year and it took forever until the progress of lectures losing their gold status slowed down. I think by now it's 1-2 lectures a day that become colorful. I shouldn't actually need these lessons any longer, but since I started this year with Swedish too, it's really hard to keep those two seperated and I need some regular practice in switching back and forth. For a while it really messed up my Norwegian skills, but I'm finally starting to get confident. :)


When I first finished my Swedish tree, I had only two or three skills that were weak skills. And a week later, more than half of my tree was colourful.

Over the months, I've tried very hard to keep all of my skills golden--but I must admit that it's tricky and challenging, and now, only 16 out of 66 skills are golden in my Swedish tree, according to this:

Back to your actual question--I definitely try, but my Swedish tree usually loses its shiny gold very quickly.


Yes, I keep 4 trees golden. German and English and their "reverse" trees.
Because, I want to learn these languages thoroughly (my mother tongue is Dutch)

Of course I use other sources to exercise and improve my target languages. For instance, in Duolingo I exercise my writing skills in the English discussion forums.


Depends on goals, I plan on becoming fluent in Spanish so will keep my tree golden for a month or two. At some point I imagine there will be no benefit in doing it as I'll have all the Spanish tree skills down pat.

I have no plans to learn a third language right now.


When I finished my German tree, I tried to keep it gold for as long as possible, but when I went on vacation or took a break from DL it would decay extremely quickly. I recently went on a DL spree and earned about 500 xp/day, and almost got my tree gold before a glitch reset it, and it still hasn't gotten fixed yet (I'm salty).


Yes I do, but I am really only working in French and its reverse tree. I am also, as a personal challenge, trying to get all of my words in my words tab at full power. You have a lot of languages that you are studying so it probably isn't the right strategy for you. I don't know that there is a right or wrong way to Duolingo. Bonne chance.


I haven't finished yet, but I don't even try. Usually, I get practice in while doing new lessons. "But Joye, you'll lose the memory of skill!" This is why I like studying outside of Duolingo.


Yes, I try to keep my finished english tree golden, but not every day. I let several skills decay to 4/5 or even 3/5 and then I do a "golden rush" once a month or so to make it all gold again.

Same thing for my other languages : I let the skills decay while I'm going forward with new material. When half the skills are down to 4/5 and some others down to 3/5 (not lower) I review all the past lessons to make the tree golden again, then I go forward, and so on.


Whether or not to keep the trees golden is a personal learning strategy. When I am working on a tree I try to keep it golden as I go along even though this means it may take a bit longer to complete the tree. With languages that were easier for me like Italian and French I ended up finishing the tree at level 14 while a more difficult language like Russian takes much longer....at level 14 I am only about halfway through the tree.

Keeping the tree golden reinforces what you are learning and helps to assure that the learned concepts stick even as you take on new ones. Once I have completed a tree I keep it gold with daily exercises until I get to level 25.


Yes, definitely, but I have only completed French so far. I keep learning more as I strengthen exercises, so I feel justified in continuing to re-gild!


I planned to keep it gold for a while but lost the motivation to put int the effort. I prefer to put my energy into other things, especially working on my listening. For French I need a lot of listening practice.

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    I have finished 3 trees so far, almost done with the 4th one. I feel it's more of a waste to keep the tree golden. What does that serve? Now for me, once I finish a tree I like trying to speak with natives. Once in awhile I'll get a wild hair after finishing a tree and spending months speaking to natives - I'll fly through an old tree and make it gold and it's amazing to see how easy it truly becomes after such a short time. But to stay on duo I think is detrimental, not helpful, if you want to get better at a foreign language. Find more apps, more people, more sources, and keep going!


    keep working and you will feel better

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